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    N1 Dean of Students

     N1 Dean of Students

    N1 Dean of Students

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    Engineering isn’t just a college major; it’s a job and a profession— and one in demand and well-paid! Engineers have the problem-solving skills to fix a problem, but more than that, they are responsible for creating solutions to problems that we aren’t even aware of yet. There’s a wide variety of engineering concentrations to choose from: aeronautical, chemical, computer, environmental, mechanical, electrical, petroleum, and more. Engineers are used in almost every industry. Engineers are people who want to make things better, faster, stronger, simpler, smarter, quicker, quieter, greener, and more efficient.
    Right now is the perfect time to start preparing for your future in engineering. What can you do while you are in high school? Take relevant classes, participate in pre-college summer programs, and speak with actual engineers!


    • Guest Speakers-invited professionals from various fields of computing science and engineering
    • NASA Engineering Camp
    • UT Exploration Camp
    • Internships with industry business partners
    • BP Engineering Day
    • Summer architecture enrichment programs
    • CSTEM
    • 25 by 25 Initiative with Texas A&M



    • Texas A&M Engineering Summer Camp
    • Explore Engineering Summer Camp
    • Weizmann Institute for Science



    Physics, Calculus, Environmental Science, Intro to Engineering Design, Principles of Engineering/Concepts of Engineering, Digital Electronics
    Electrical, Environmental, Mechanical, Industrial, Petroleum, Software 


    Within the Engineering Academy, there is an elite program requiring acceptance through an application process.  The Westside Engineering and Geosciences Academy, better known as WEGA, offers a unique chance for students to gain perspective and insight into the engineering field.  Students in this academy are engaged in rigorous academic and hands-on projects.  Teamwork and leadership skills are emphasized throughout the program, and organization is stressed from the beginning as essential for success.  Problem-based learning and critical thinking skills are fostered, as they are essential to the engineering profession.  In addition, through a partnership with the Independent Petroleum Association of America, we are able to offer students many opportunities to explore engineering in the community.
    Click here for more information on WEGA.