• GradeSpeed Tutorial

    You must view the online training videos and complete an assessment to have access to GradeSpeed.

    You must you must complete the following from an HISD computer  (Do not try this at home)

    1. After logging into your teacher workstation, open Internet Explorer

    2. Go to http://sishelp/    You will see the following graphic.

    • Click on ONLINE TRAINING


    3. Type your network user name and password:



    4. Click on Online Courses.

    5.  Select Program drop down box and select Gradespeed.

    6. Choose SP0202

    7. Complete All 17 Training Topics

    Each training topic is only 1 to 4 min in length. Click a title from the list to begin the course (video).


    8. When finished with the 17 videos, take the assessment by clicking "Assessment" (from the list).

    9. When you are done with the assessment, your results will be tabulated and forwarded to SIS.