The Jouney to State Begins NOW


    Lee Generals

    Varsity Boys Soccer

    Schedule 2015 District 20-5A


    DATE                                                 OPONENT                            LOCATION                          TIME


    Sat.      Jan.     03        LEE    vs         Sam Houston/McArthur       Thorn Stadium                      All Day


    Tues.   Jan.     06        LEE    vs         Alvin High School                 Alvin Memorial Stadium      7:30pm           


    Cy-Fair Tournament January 8-10


    Tues.   Jan.     13        LEE    vs         Kipp                                       Kipp High School                  7:30pm


    Fri.      Jan.     16        LEE    vs         Westbury                               Lee High School                    4:15pm


    Tues.   Jan.     20        LEE    vs         Northbrook                            Tully Stadium                        7:30pm


    Fri.      Jan.     23        LEE    vs


    Weds.  Jan.     28        LEE    vs         Madison                                 Butler Sr.                               7:00pm


    Sat.      Jan.     31        *LEE  vs         Sharpstown                            Butler Sr.                               10:00am


    Mon.   Feb.     02        LEE    vs         Davis                                       Cowart Stad.                         7:00pm


    Sat.      Feb.     07        *LEE  vs         Austin                                     Butler Sr.                               12:00pm


    Mon.   Feb.     09        LEE    vs         Waltrip                                   Delmar Stad.                          7:00pm


    Tues.   Feb.     17        *LEE  vs         North Forest                          Butler Sr.                               7:00pm


    Fri.      Feb.     20  *HC-LEE vs         Madison                                 Butler Sr.                               7:00pm


    Wed.   Feb.     25        LEE    vs         Sharpstown                            Butler Sr.                               7:00pm


    Sat.      Feb.     28        *LEE  vs         Davis                                       Butler Jr.                                10:00pm


    Tues.   March 03        LEE    vs         Austin                                     Cowart Stad.                         5:00pm


    Sat.      March 07        *LEE  vs         Waltrip                                   Butler Jr.                                10:00am


    Sat.      March 14        LEE    vs         North Forest                          Cowart                                   2:00pm



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