Welcome to the Wisdom High School Dance Department!!! 

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    The Mission of Wisdom Dance is to provide professional dance instruction and instill appreciation for the art of dance through disciplined technique, exemplary choreography, and exciting performances in a safe encouraging environment. 







    Meet The Director: 


     Ms. Janae Witter

    Ms. Janae Witter has been the director at Wisdom High School since February 2017. She received her Bachelors in Dance from Lamar University in Beaumont, Tx in 2014. Ms. Witter is over the dance department, Wisdom Dance Company, and The Starlettes Dance Team.

    Contact Info:

    Email- Janae.witter@houstonisd.org

    Cell- 832·243·2696

    Conference- 4th Period (A Days)



     What styles of Dance Do We Cover:

    • Ballet
    • Modern
    • Jazz
    • Hip-Hop
    • Social/Recreational


    Class Periods:

    1st Period- Dance I

    2nd Period- Dance I

    3rd Period- Dance 2,3,4

    4th Period- Conference

    5th Period- Dance I

    6th Period- Dance I

    7th Period- Dance I

    8th Period- Dance Production (must be a member of the Starlette Dance Team)


    Wisdom Dance Department Yearly Programs:

    Hispanic Heritage Program

    Black History Program

    HISD Dance Montage

    Annual Spring Show





    dance 1 dance 1 2 Dance 1 3 Dance 1 4 Dance 5 Dance 7 Dance 8 Dance 9 Dance 10 Dance 11 Dance 13 Dance 20 Dance 19