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    Wisdom High School serves a diverse student population from over 70 different countries where students speak over 40 different languages. Wisdom High School feels that the diversity at the school adds to the student's educational experiences, where we are also strongly committed to academic excellence.  We engage students in rigorous curriculum with varied learning experiences This enables them to become critical thinkers, problem solvers, researchers, effective communicators, and lifelong learners.


    Our school strives for high levels of academic achievement by providing our multicultural scholars with personalized learning opportunities and authentic student-centered instruction that encourages the development of creativity, problem-solving skills, and competitiveness in a global economy.


    Our schoool strives to become the standard of excellence at the district, state, and national level that provides students exemplary education through challenging curricula delivered by exceptional teachers in a safe and productive learning environment.


    Kenneth Brantley II, Principal
    Wisdom High School
    6529 Beverly Hill Ln.
    Houston, TX 77057 
    Phone: 713-787-1700
    Fax: 713-787-1723