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Our program serves and supports students from every community. Students may be home bound, hospitalized, in agencies, pregnant or parenting, and are temporarily unable to attend traditional school. 

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What We Do

We work to keep students current and moving forward in their studies so they have a successful return to school!

Over the course of a year we see nearly a thousand students.

We provide instructional services to eligible students who cannot attend school in a regular classroom settings.

We provide services to any K-12 student residing within HISD boundaries. We serve students in hospitals, agencies, residential facilities and in their homes. We report grades and attendance to a student's home school, according to procedures set by the Texas Education Agency and HISD policies.  

We provide direct instruction and online classes to best meet the individual needs of all students. Our teachers are certified HISD teachers and professionals. We serve students by appointment and maintain weekly communication with parents and educational partners.

 We expect parents, students, and educational partners to meet all stated requirements of our programs.

And Don't

Community Services School provides a temporary instructional setting for students residing within HISD boundaries due to documented medical needs or other conditions that meet specific criteria of contracted local providers.
Community Services School is not a permanent placement for students receiving either general or special education services.
Schools of attendance are responsible for testing students who remain enrolled under their home schools’ campus organization numbers while receiving services. Students who incur unexcused absences from Community Services instruction are subject to the same consequences as students in regular classroom settings.


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