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Mission Statement
The Woodrow Wilson community is a diverse, student-centered environment dedicated to the promotion of safety, high achievement, creativity and teamwork in learning. We encourage all children to become responsible citizens and develop their individual strengths.
Woodrow Wilson Montessori School is a school with high standards and programs of Academic Excellence
Located in the Montrose area of Houston, Woodrow Wilson has served Houston students since its construction in 1924.  In February of 2005, HISD and Friends of Montessori (FOM) entered into an agreement to create HISD's first All-Montessori school. 
Junior Achievement provided by volunteers from American General Financial Group.  Wilson Elementary is dedicated to increasing parental and community involvement. Specifically, this includes (a) parent literacy and training classes, and (b) infiltrating the community to identify and integrate resources and services from the community so as to strengthen school programs, Montessori, Fine Arts, Bilingual, special services, family practices, and student learning and development.
 "If an educational act is to be efficacious, it will be only one which tends to help toward the complete unfolding of life." 

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