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  • Atherton Elementary of the Houston Independent School District is "striving for excellence".  The school is located in the heart of Fifth Ward, Houston, Texas and services primarily African American students, with a growing population of Hispanics.  As the community experiences redevelopment, a slow but continual change in the demographics is evident and is directly influencing the student population at Atherton.  Atherton has a mixed population of approximately 500 students.  This total is comprised of 80.74% African American, 18.5% Hispanic, and 0.76% Asian.

    Mission Statement:
    It is the goal of the faculty, staff, parents, and community of Atherton Elementary to equip each child regardless of cultural background and to provide realistic approaches to technology that will allow our students to be successful in the future.
    Atherton ES Uniforms 2015-2016
    Grade Level                                                           Shirt Color
    P.A.L.S. & Skills for Learning and Living           Navy
    Pre-K & Kindergarten                                           Yellow
    First Grade                                                             Purple
    Second Grade                                                       Orange
    Third Grade                                                            Light Blue
    Fourth Grade                                                         Royal Blue  
    Fifth Grade                                                             Kelly Green
    Pants, dresses, & skirts will be khaki or navy.

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