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COACHING STAFF:  Brian  "Kc" Coulter
There will be a $50 Activity Fee. ((
(No this is not for my Lamborghini, it's paid for)!
Due to West Briar Wrestling being a Club Sport, we are not afforded the luxury of  District assistance.  Therefore the team heavily relies on donations and funds raised through various events such as approved "after school" and Wrestling event snack sales.  This fee (preferably cash only) shall be collected during our upcoming Parent Meeting that will take place October 23rd at 6:00pm in the Cafeteria.  This fee covers items such as updated uniforms, Mat Tape, First Aid materials, Referee fees for tournaments, etc..  "There will also be Wrestling Attire such as shirts and sweatshirts sold at the Parent Meeting." 
At this time you should be gathering your paperwork and necessary gear (Athletic Packages and Insurance Info. can be viewed under the General Information tab on this website).  "Please do not wait until the last minute to complete these tasks."
This year not only are we going to win as a team, but look like a team as well.  Therefore, the following items are needed (no exceptions) for each practice:
White Undershirt (no V-necks and, make sure to have more than 1 per week).
School issued P.E. Shorts
Compression Shorts (underneath your P.E. Shorts, no particular color)
Wrestling Shoes (no tennis shoes or sox exceptions)

*There will be no exception to the required practice uniform gear.


As usual, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.