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Charles H. Milby High School

Houston East End's School of Choice since 1926

Yearbooks are available for viewing in the Milby HS Library. Alumni, faculty, students, parents, and the public are welcome to look at, take pictures or make copies of yearbooks from 1920's to the present.  

19261936194619561966197619861996   20062016

 Strike out - missing yearbook 

+ Yearbook not available/no copy in the library 


The yearbooks with an asterisk are not missing.

There were not any yearbooks (The Buffalo) published during the depression years, 1929 thru 1935 and during WW2, 1942 and 1943.


Special thanks to Ms. Robin Helbling. Her donation made the digitization of the 1972 yearbook possible.

Thank you to Jeff Palmer and Owen Conerly for donating their personal copies of yearbooks to the Library.


The Library constantly receives requests for yearbooks. In 2010, the Milby High School Library with the help of the Milby Alumni Association started a digitization project. The plan is to have all of our historic yearbooks scanned, digitized and PDF copies published to the Milby website.

A piece of Milby history is now available online with digitized yearbooks.

The yearbooks provide a resource for learning about the history of Milby High School, its surrounding community and serve as a window to student life in the past.


Our yearbook digitization project was featured on the Houston Chronicle. Read the story here.
This story was also featured on the Houston ISD website. Read all about it here. 


These yearbooks are provided free of charge for Milby graduates' personal use; however, to help defray the cost of digitizing, we would appreciate any donation you would like to give us. To view a specific yearbook online, please click on the year.

1920      1925      1926      1936      1937      1938      1939      

1940      1941      1944      1945      1946      1947      1948      

1949      1950      1951      1952      1953      1954      1955      

1956      1957      1958      1959     1960       1961      1962      

1963      1964      1965      1966     1967       1968      1969 

1972      1975      1977      1984      


Our goal is to have our historic yearbooks converted to digital format

so that everyone may be able to access them online.


If you would like to help us with this goal,

please contact the library 713.928.7418 or the school 713.928.7401.

We welcome any contributions - hard copies of yearbooks or

monetary donations.

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