• 2020-2021 Physical Education and Health Syllabus

    Coach  Lamane’s Email: alamane@houstonisd.org

    Coach Scott’s Email: miyuki.scott@houstonisd.org

    Coach Scott’s google number: (832) 429-5883

    Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!

    We are starting the school year through online learning. All work will be posted and done through the HUB.  Students will be taking both Health through APEX online (One semester Course) and Physical Education (Two semester Course).


    *Physical Education Course Description (Fall/Spring Semesters):

     In the Physical Education course, students will acquire the knowledge and skills for movement that provide the foundation for enjoyment, continued social development through physical activity, and access to a physically active lifestyle. The student will exhibit a physically active lifestyle and understand the relationship between physical activity and health throughout the lifespan.

    Physical Education students with be expected to complete a weekly personal physical activity journal. We will also cover sport activities through PPT presentations using online resources (literature and videos) and by sharing study guides with students.

    Grading:  Students will receive grades for assigned homework, quizzes, practices, discussions, tests, journals, and semester exams. Students will receive at least 2 grades each week.

    Weekly Physical Activity Journal: 30%

    Sport Related Activity/quiz: 70%


    *Health Education Course Description (Fall Semester):


    The Health Education course will be online through APEX Learning. Students can move freely through the course allowing them to complete the course as fast as they would like. Students have 2 weeks to finish one unit.  To help students stay on track, we’ve assigned due dates for each unit. 


    Grading:  Each student will receive a participation grade, based on the amount(percentage) of activities completed during each 2 weeks as well as a unit grade for the two weeks.  These grades will be reported in the grade book.

    Participation: 60%

    Unit Grade: 40%


    Unit 1: Mental and Emotional Health

    1.1Lesson: Introduction to Health

    1.2Lesson: Your Mental and Emotional Health

    1.3Lesson: Suicide and Violence Prevention

    1.4Lesson: Communication Skills

    1.5Lesson: Wrap Up: Mental and Emotional Health

    Unit 2: Fitness and Nutrition

    2.1Lesson: Guidelines for Fitness and Nutrition

    2.2Lesson: Threats to Fitness and Good Nutrition

    2.3Lesson: Planning for Fitness and Good Nutrition

    2.4Lesson: Wrap Up: Fitness and Nutrition

    Unit 3: Drugs

    3.1Lesson: Drug Use and Abuse

    3.2Lesson: Living Drug Free

    3.3Lesson: Advocating for a Drug-Free Lifestyle

    3.4Lesson: Wrap Up: Drugs

    Unit 4: Disease

    4.1Lesson : Types of Diseases

    4.2Lesson: Preventing Disease

    4.3Lesson: Susceptibility, Detection, and Treatment of Disease

    4.4Lesson: Wrap Up: Disease

    Unit 5: Injuries

    5.1Lesson: Safety and Injury Prevention

    5.2Lesson: Safety Laws and First Aid

    5.3Lesson: Weather and Natural Disaster Safety

    5.4Lesson: Wrap Up: Injuries

    Unit 6: Sexual Health

    6.1Lesson: Reproductive Health and Relationships

    6.2Lesson: Abstinence and Online Safety

    6.3Lesson: Recognizing Harmful Relationships

    6.4Lesson: Safe Sexuality and Pregnancy

    6.5Lesson: Wrap Up: Sexual Health

    Unit 7: Semester Review and Exam


    Attendance is submitted every day at 11AM.  If you are absent, it is your responsibility to promptly gather the assignments that you missed. The teacher will not remind you of missed assignments, you must take the initiative to find out what you missed. Any assignments not made up from an absence will result in a zero.

    Academic Integrity: 

    Cheating, copying, and plagiarizing will not be tolerated in this course. Any student displaying academic dishonesty will face the full consequences of their actions. In like manner, the student will receive a “P” in conduct and a zero on the assignment. There will not be an opportunity to make up the assignment.