• So yowantba member of LeGuard ?

    Dance Team or Drill Team?

    We are both! Lee Guard is versatile and can perform styles that range from jazz, pom-pom, kick, hip hop, lyrical and even cultural dances. There are NO limits to what we do.

    What is the process to become a Lee Guard Member?

    All interested candidates need to try-out for the team. Tryouts are usually held twice a year, in April and in August during the second week of school. Each applicant will be required to have a physical completed as well as parent signed paperwork in order to try-out.

    How many members will be chosen?

    Lee Guard does not have a set number of members. New members are chosen according to score.

    How will I know the tryout dance and requirements?

    Lee Guard Captain and Co-Captain will teach the combinations to you on the first day of the try-out clinic. The older members of the team will also be there to assist you and to help you in smaller groups. You may use these members to help you answer questions you may have or to rehearse with you.

    If I am selected, what is expected of me?

    Lee Guard rehearses during 8th period athletics as well as extended after school practice till 5:30 p.m. As needed! We will discuss at a later date what days are best for our team to stay after. It will not exceed 3 days out of the week.

    What are the costs involved?

    Each member is required to purchase items to be a member of the team. A detailed list will be given in the tryout packet for parents to view. Please note there are NO REFUNDS. If your child quits the team, they are obligated to the amount due.

    When will the money be due?

    We ask that new members set up a payment plan comfortable to them after they have made the team. Materials can’t be ordered without payment. If at any time issues arise please contact Mrs. Tisdale so she can discuss options with you.