Course Description:


    English II students continue to increase and refine their reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing, and representing communication skills. Students will plan, draft, and complete written compositions on a regular basis. Students will also edit their papers for clarity, engaging language, and the correct usage of the conventions and mechanics of written English to produce a paper free of errors.

    An emphasis is placed on persuasive forms of writing such as logical arguments, expressions of opinions, and personal forms of writing. You will read many novels, one drama, several short stories, mythology, and numerous poems during the course of this year.

    Weekly vocabulary lessons will expand your knowledge of words and the ability for you to use them in your daily lives.  You will write at least one major-grade paper each grading period.  You will learn time management, priority-setting, and self-discipline as you complete the reading and writing tasks that address the objectives of the course.

    Class Goals:


    I have set class goals that will motivate students to reach for academic success this year and years to come.

    1.      100% of students will PASS the STAAR exam

    2.      100% of students will master each TEK/Objective at 80% or better.

    3.      100% of students will complete the course with 80% or better.


    Class Materials:


    Each student is responsible to bring the following to class:

    Laptop, writing utensils, notebook, independent reading book, class assigned reading book, and any required assignments.




    Your grade for this course will be determined as follows:

    Homework 10%

    Classwork 35%

    Projects 35%

    Quizzes/Test 20%


    Attendance and Late Work


    ·         Homework is due at the BEGINNING of the class period or at the designated time on the HUB. Anything turned in after that is considered late and will receive a zero. NO daily grade assignments will be accepted late. No exceptions.

    ·         Make-up work is to be completed in a timely manner. A student has the same number of days to complete make up work as he/she missed from school. (Example: Absent 2 days: you have 2 days to turn in or make up work.)

    ·         It is your responsibility to consult with me at the appropriate time (before or after school).I will not remind you to turn in your makeup work; you are responsible for turning it in.

    ·         Make up tests/quizzes will be given after school, by appointment only.

    Feel free to communicate with me via e-mail if you are absent or know you will be absent in order to receive your assignments.


    Novels, Essays, and Areas of Study


    Core Pieces Additional                                                                   Ongoing Areas of Study

    Poetry Selections (1st 6 Weeks)                                                                     Journals

    The House on Mango Street (3rd 6 Weeks)                                                  Grammar

    Their Eyes Were Watching God(4th 6 Weeks)                                       Group Activities                                                                                                                                                                                      The Help (5th 6 Weeks)                                                                           Oral Presentations

    Poetry Analysis                                                                                       Vocabulary

    Other Reading Selections                                       



    Writing Assignments

    Expository Text–Analysis

    Expository Text–Poem Anthology

    Research–Persuasive/Argumentative Text

    Literary Text–Engaging Story

    Media Production


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