SET GOALS! -







    • SHOW PROGRESS! - From beginning to middle to end, always make small goals for yourself. Once achieved, reward yourself with a pat on the back. Then set a new goal to conquer.
    • BE A READER! - Read at least three (3) full-length texts (play, book, graphic novel, etc) by the end of the school year. This includes classroom texts. Aspire to finish at least one (1) book of choice. We will have silent reading time for 15 minutes on Tuesdays and Thursdays; if you do not bring a book, you will need to select from one in class. Reading logs will be maintained in class journals.
    • BE A WRITER! - You will produce AT LEAST six (6) publishable pieces of writing via the writing process by the end of the school year (i.e., poems, literary critiques, book summaries, persuasive essays, etc.). Remember, although written FOR a class, this is writing that YOU have accomplished – save it, share it, admire it.
    • BECOME PERSUASIVE! – Learn to persuasively argue a position orally and in writing.
    • BECOME FAMILIAR! – Build your knowledge base and be able to easily recall and apply new and/or expanded knowledge about classical and modern literary genres, authors, the writing process, and themes relevant in history and now.
    •   PASS the English II STARR Test! With effort and determination, it IS possible for each of you to pass the STARR Test. I am here to help to make that possible for you. You must help yourself, too.
    •  JOURNAL IT! – You will have a journal for this class which will be utilized daily for a variety of reasons. This resource will be graded on a CREDIT/HALF-CREDIT/FULL CREDIT basis bi-weekly. Please note dates on which you were absent; if not noted, you will receive “HALF-CREDIT” for only completing some assignments.  (Notes, journal entries, Abydos Writing process activities, book logs/summaries, Vocabulary notes, etc.)












    BE RESPECTFUL! - Please respect towards Ms. Makay and your classmates. Respect them as people and be open to their opinions, their writing, and their ideas. In return, you are entitled to the same respect. All critique and criticism is expected to be constructive – NOT destructive.



    GET INVOLVED! – Classroom assignments, projects, activities, and discussions are designed to aid YOUR learning process. Please take the initiative to listen, to interact, and to get involved in the learning process. In the end, your involvement of lack thereof only affects YOU.



    GET HELP! – As your teacher, it is my goal to ensure you get all of the help that you need to learn the course materials and skills. Please ask, and I will find time to work with you on areas of concern.



    BE HONEST! If you are caught cheating on work, you will forfeit a grade for the assignment, and disciplinary action will be taken.



    KEEP OUR CLASSROOM NEAT! – Expectations for keeping the classroom areas neat and orderly will be posted and enforced. ALL students will be retained in the classroom at the bell until all areas are in the same condition as prior to use.



    POWER UP / POWER DOWN! - CHARGE YOUR LAPTOPS! Laptops will likely be used on a daily basis. Charge them up at home. You will be informed of laptop status at the beginning of class. Some assignments will be done ON the laptops, so please be responsible and have your laptop ready for use.



    ·         Green – Power Up (laptops on and open)



    ·         Yellow – Pending Power Up (laptops on but aside, log off)



    ·         Red – Power Down (laptops off and stowed away)



    BE PUNCTUAL! – Regarding tardiness, if you are not in the room when the bell rings, you are tardy. Please follow the tardy procedures of Lee H.S. and go to the designated location for a tardy pass to return to class. If you are tardy more than 20 minutes, school policy designates you absent



    ELECTRONICS OUT! - Other than school issued laptops, NO CELL PHONES or ELECTRONICS are allowed during class instruction. Shut phones off and put them away during class.



    LEAVING CLASS – Without administrative request, documented medical reasons, or teacher-approved bathroom breaks, students will not be allowed to leave class. NO bathroom breaks in the first or last 10 minutes of class. Do NOT ask to go to the bathroom during lecture, explanation or tests – wait for transitions or during activities. Each student will be allotted only two bathroom trips per semester (excluding aforementioned reasons).  



    STAY SUSTAINED! No food or drink is to be brought into the classroom. Any food or drink will be provided by the teacher with prior administrative approval.



    DRESS FOR SUCCESS! – Per school dress-code policy, you are expected to wear a grade-level-color school polo, khaki or navy pants, skirts, or short SANS holes, rips, or shreds. You are to wear your lanyards/badges daily. Hoodies, hats, bandanas, or hair nets are not allowed. Casual-dress modifications are per school administrative decision (i.e., jeans on Fridays, etc.). Please



    SEATING ASSIGNMENT – you will be assigned a seat. However, seating arrangements will alter regularly to suit the classroom activity. In those cases, students will be directed of new seating assignments or groupings by the teacher.  At the beginning of class, be in your ASSIGNED seat.



    MAKE-UP WORK:  When absent, students are responsible for acquiring any necessary make-up assignments. Per school policy, a student will be given one day to make up work for each day absent.



    EXTRA! EXTRA! – I will be providing numerous opportunities for extra credit and incentives/rewards. Extra credit opportunities will be offered from time to time. Take the initiative to earn these rewards when offered. Once initiative will be the STAR STUDENTS of the WEEK. I will likely select 1-3 students from eight classes (including advocacy) who excel, show progress, meet milestone, stop bullying, say amazing things in class, and so on. Any positive action can be rewarded; this is at the teacher’s discretion. Extra credit will be awarded to students who are designated STAR STUDENTS.



    GRADE POLICY – you will earn a letter grade relative the grade percentage earned (see below). One (1) whole credit can be awarded upon completion of the “B” part of a two-semester course with a grade of 70 or above (see school handbook for further details).




    90% - 100%           A



    80% - 89%             B



    75% - 79%             C



    70% - 74%             0



    0% - 69%                F








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