Precalculus is the application of the skills and concepts that you began in Algebra I and then further developed in Geometry and Algebra II. We will begin our study of Precalculus by doing an in depth study of functions, function notation, and properties of functions. Although most of this will look somewhat familiar from your Algebra II class, you will be pushed to make deeper connections, and explore how these concepts can be applied to real world settings.

    As the course progresses, we will begin to study the trigonometric functions and trigonometric identities. This is where the bulk of the year will be spent. All of the engineering fields, scientific and mathematical disciplines, and computer programs demand a firm grasp of trigonometry. As you venture off to college, you will find that trigonometry tends to separate the ordinary students from the extraordinary. Although we will spend a significant amount of in-class time on trigonometry, you will be spending much more of your out-of-class time on this topic.


    Technology: Apps/Device: Android or IOs on devices.

    ·         Power Up Laptop

    ·         Remind me app (sign up)


    Required Materials

    In Class Materials:                 

    To successfully complete this course, you will need:

    ü Notebook provided

    ü Pencils (Regular and Colored) and Erasers


    You are expected to successfully pass this course with a minimum grade of 70 (C). You are also expected to do
    whatever it takes to succeed in class including but not limited to group, individual work and if need attend tutorials. 

     Classroom Expectations:  LEARN                               

    ·         Listen and follow directions the first time.       ,

    ·        Each of us respects the space and property of others.

    ·        Always come prepared to work.                             

    ·        Remember your materials.

    ·        Never say unkind things.


    LEE HS Grading Policy:

    Homework (10%); Class work (35%), Quizzes/Projects (35%) and Tests (20%).
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