Milby Dual Credit Program


    Monday, June 21, 2021  TSI Testing Update

    Because of COVID-19, TSI testing will be offered remotely.  Students will take the test from home.  After completing the online Pre-Assessment Activity, students will receive emailed instructions to test.  Please, carefully read the details below.


    TSI Testing

    Texas Success Initiative Accuplacer Assessment

    What is the TSI?

    The TSI is Texas version of the AccuPlacer placement test.  This test is used by colleges and universities to determine if students are ready to take college-level classes.  While in High School taking Dual Credit classes, students must test as College Ready to take the classes.

    Who takes it?

    Milby students will qualify to take Dual Credit classes one of three ways.  Most courses offered at Milby require Reading and Writing readiness.  Math classes require Math readiness.  Students qualify with test results or course completion.


    • Score at least 4000 on Algebra I STAAR EOC, and complete and pass Algebra 2A and 2B; or,
    • Score at least 510 on the PSAT Math Test (not the grade 8 or 9 PSAT); or,
    • Score at least 350 on the TSI.


    • Score at least 4000 on English 2 STAAR EOC; or,
    • Score at least 460 on the PSAT Reading Test (not the grade 8 or 9 PSAT); or,
    • Score at least 351, on TSI Reading, 340, on TSI Writing, and 4 on TSI essay.


    The Testing Process

    1. You will do an online pre-test activity.

    2. You will receive an email with testing instructions.

    3. You will practice.

    4. You will test online.


    Pre-Assessment Activity

    Keep reading carefully.

    To test you must meet the following two provisions:

    1. You must have expressed your desire to take Dual Credit classes to Mr. Ellis. Contact him at wellis@houstonisd.org.

    2. You must complete the Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA) by following the link below.  It is an online course that explains the test and provides you with some practice questions.

    • You must use your HISD ID number when asked for your College ID number.  Enter only your seven-digit HISD ID number, and nothing else.  Do not include an "s" or "#" before it.

    • Use the email address you most commonly use.  You will receive an email with important testing information.

    • You will be given practice test questions.  You can skip through the practice sections for tests that you will not take. 

    • Mr. Ellis will receive notice that you have completed the PAA.

    • You will receive an email testing notice from Accuplacer.

    • When you set up your profile for testing, you will be asked to choose your institution.  Choose Houston ISD.
    • Here is the link to the Pre-Assessment Activity. PAA Link



    Below are links to resources available online.

    Follow this link to online practice tests.  You simply create an account with your email address and take practice tests.  You get immediate feedback.  You will first have to select TSI from a menu.  After you do that, the website remembers you.



    The next link will lead you to more College Board resources, including the one above, Get the free ACCUPLACER practice app.  There are a few downloadable PDFs with practice questions and test information.  Look at the Next-Generation Reading Sample QuestionsNext-Generation Writing Sample QuestionsWritePlacer Guide with Sample Essays, and Texas Success Initiative Sample QuestionsMath practice is also here.




    Test as soon as possible.

    You will take the test online at a time you select.  It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    • You will need a good internet connection.

    • You will need a quiet place to test without interruption.

    • You will need a photo ID.  It can be your school ID.

    • Once you complete the Pre-Assessment Activity, the wheels will be set in motion.


    Contact Mr. Ellis at wellis@houstonisd.org for help or message him in Teams.  He is the only William Ellis in the system.

    You can start... NOW!