• Marek

    The Marek Construction Academy at Houston Community College

    Marek Construction, Houston ISD, and HCC offer Level I Certificate in Construction


    Starting with the 2019-2020 school year, students from Milby and Austin high schools are preparing for commercial construction careers in the Marek Construction Academy.


    Each day students from each school board buses to the HCC Southeast Campus to learn the trade from industry leaders.

    Program Highlights

    • Students learn drywall and interior finishing from an industry leader.
    • Students learn safety and earn OSHA certification.
    • Students gain hands-on experience in the HCC Construction Lab.
    • Paid Summer internships are offered between the junior and senior years.
    • Full-time employment opportunities await qualified program participants upon high school graduation.

    How it Works

    • Junior students take two classes at HCC during the school day.  (They travel each day by HISD bus.)
    • Students learn saftey and construction.
    • During the Summer after the junior year students work a paid internship with Marek.
    • Senior students take two classes at HCC during the school day, traveling on HISD buses.
    • Students garduate high school with a Level I Certificate in construction from HCC.
    • Successful graduates are eligible for full-time emploment with Marek Construction. 

    How to Participate

    The program is open to students who be will juniors during the 2020-2021 school year. 


    If you are interested contact your counselor or Mr. Ellis through the Microsoft Teams App.  He is William Ellis in the App.


    The "I don't want to talk to anyone, just sign me up!" option

    Complete this survey,    Marek Construction Academy Interest Survey


    You may also join the Milby Marek Team page, Milby Marek Construction


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