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    2020-2021 Submission of Signed HCC Documents

    Who needs to turn in these documents?

    All Dual Credit students must turn in signed a signed Parent Consent form and Student Commitment form to take the free college classes. The current COVID-19 situation is making this process difficult for many, but it is still a requirement.  These forms can be signed on the touchscreen of your student laptop.  If you have problems, contact Mr. Ellis.

    There are two forms that must be turned in by all students.  All students must sign the Student Commitment.   The form is the same for all students. And


    All students and a parent or guardian will sign the Parent Consent (Waiver) form.  There are three different versions of that form. 


    Most will use the form titled "Parent Consent (Waiver)." 


    Students in the Marek construction program will complete the form, "Parent Consent (Waiver) - Marek." 


    Welding students will complete, "Parent Consent (Waiver) - Welding."


    All of these forms can be emailed to Mr. Ellis at wellis@houstonisd.org.  You can also share the signed documents with him in Teams.


    *Here are the instructions to sign the documents on your student laptop. Instructions to Sign Using HISD Laptop  If you cannot sign the forms, please email Mr. Ellis wellis@houstonisd.org and let him know.  You can also text him at 713-234-6438.


    Get the Documents Here

    Document 1, Student Commitment - All Students Complete This Form

    Student Commitment Click here for document that you can edit.

    All students will sign the Student Commitment.  If you do not know your HCC ID number, Mr. Ellis will complete it.

    Document 2, Parent Consent - Most Students ( All Except Marek Construction and Welding)

    Parent Consent (Waiver)  Click here for document you can edit.

    Document 2, Parent Consent - Welding Students

    Parent Consent (Waiver) - Welding  Click here for document you can edit.

    Document 2, Parent Consent - Marek Students

    Parent Consent (Waiver) - Marek Click here for document you can edit.


    Again, if you have any questions or need any help, please contact Dual Credit Advisor, Mr. Ellis.

    email: wellis@houstonisd.org

    text: 713-234-6438

    Teams: wellis or William Ellis, Milby High School