• If you need a recommendation letter from me, please follow these guidelines:

      • You must give me 2 weeks' notice.  
      • Please ask me via email (mostrovs@houstonisd.org).  If you ask in person, please immediately send an email with the request as well.
      • DO NOT put me down as a recommender until you have asked me first.
      • Please send me a brag sheet/resume attached to your email.
      • If the rec letter needs to be mailed, please provide me with a stamped envelope that has the address written already.
      • I do not give students physical copies of recommendation letters; if you need to submit a physical letter as part of a scholarship application packet, find out from the scholarship how they want me to submit it and let me know in advance when it needs to be sent/mailed.


      I will be accepting rec letter requests for the 2023-2024 school year beginning on August 30th, 2023.