Lobo Cheerleaders



  • Chavez Lobos Cheerleaders are a group of well rounded academically and athletically driven scholars,  that provide spirit to all athletic teams and clubs at Chavez as well as act as community servants giving back to those who reside in the community as well as feeder pattern schools.  Our program is comprised of approximately 25-30 members selected through a tryout process typically held during February of the performing year. The athletes usually have stunting experience as well as tumbling skills. The positions consist of a main base, side bases, back spots and flyers but versatility is a must. During the selection process we are looking for athleticism, strength, enthusiasm and a strong work ethic.

    Chavez Cheerleaders Cheer for all Chavez Football Games and Basketball Games both home and away.  Throughout the year, the Cheerleaders kick off the schools most anticipated pep rallies to bring excitement to the student body and staff before dueling match ups!
    In 2019, Chavez Lobo Cheerleaders became State Champions for Houston Cheer Bowl by flexing their amazing dancing with unmatched stunting abilities.

    Chavez Lobo Cheerleaders have a strong presence on campus as well as a strong familial bond.

    If you are interested in becoming a Chavez Lobo Cheerleader please reach out to Coach Winfrey for details.
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