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Primary Numbers

Main Office: 713-917-3565
Main Fax: 713-917-3555

Vanguard Office: 713-917-3570
Vanguard Fax: 713-917-3534

Clinic Fax: 713-917-3536
Please call the Main Office for additional directory numbers.



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David Muzyka David Muzyka, Principal 
Phone: 713-917-3565

Rogers serves gifted and talented children, the deaf and hard of hearing, and students with multiple impairments who range in age from 3 to 22. The school also boasts a student population representing more than half the countries in the world, and it is this mosaic of learners that promotes the idea captured in the words penned by Ralph Waldo Emerson, “What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.” The core elements of its philosophy focus on empathy, responsibility, honesty, confidence, respect, and courage. Read more...

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