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Main Office: 713-917-3565
Main Fax: 713-917-3555

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Vanguard Fax: 713-917-3534

Clinic Fax: 713-917-3536

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Friday, October 24, 2014


 T.H. Rogers Mission Statement  

The mission of T.H. Rogers School is to provide all students with the educational opportunity to develop to their fullest potential. The school will ensure that a supportive learning environment will integrate the special populations, provide enhanced learning opportunities, and reflect a continuing commitment to excellence.


T.H. Rogers Vision Statement 

T.H . Rogers aims to be “a lighthouse beacon that safely guides all children into harbors of success.” School Principal David Muzyka believes that “children learn to see value in all people, and appreciate their peers and their teachers alike.”


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T.H. Rogers Counselors

Parents of Middle School Students

 The T H Rogers Counseling and Character Department will begin recognizing students for doing something great!  This builds confidence in students and also creates the culture of the character we want to see in our school.  I know as staff of T H Rogers we see students doing great things daily, and this is our opportunity to recognize them in a great way thanks to our partnership with Luby’s Cafeteria.  Each 6 -9 weeks, middle school students from Rogers will be nominated by their teachers and staff for Luby’s Achieving Character Together” award.   Our outstanding 6th grade nominees this nine weeks are Divya Joshi and Gloria Huan.

Pamela Johnson, Counselor

T.H. Rogers Middle School


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