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Clifton Middle School

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Social Studies Department

The Clifton Middle School Social Studies department is excited about making “footprints” in history this school year. The Social Studies department consists of a dynamic team of caring, knowledgeable, creative, flexible and highly motivated professionals.  We are offering a varied set of courses along with many activities throughout the year that provide students with relevance, rigor and relationships.  In sixth grade students will be traveling the globe as they learn about the world in World Cultures. In seventh grade students will explore their great state in Texas History. Eight graders will focus on how this great nation was formed in United States History thru Reconstruction. Also, all students will participate in the National History Day project.
Department Chair:  Kristin Clarke
Faculty:  Sandra Black 
   Staci Fike
   Brandon Garner
   Jessica Peterka
   Karen Wenske
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