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Atherton Elementary

Fine Arts Magnet School

Atherton Elementary School maintains an active Shared Decision-Making Committee (SDMC) at the school to help review the district’s educational goals, objectives and major district-wide classroom instructional programs. The committee membership includes faculty, staff, parents, community members, and business representatives. The committee helps review policies and procedures and makes recommendations concerning a wide variety of school functions including budgeting, staffing, curriculum, institutional goals and community outreach. The SDMC at Atherton Elementary School meets on a regular basis to provide input from multiple perspectives regarding school planning and development.

SDMC Committee Members

Name Position/Title
Dr. Albert L. Lemons Principal
Tara Bowers-Jones Classroom Teacher
Rita Bradford Classroom Teacher
Nichole Coleman Classroom Teacher
Debbie Ward Classroom Teacher
Patricia Whiteside Classroom Teacher
Matias Perez Science Lab Teacher
Sabrina Baker Librarian
Eric Caldwell Music Teacher
Erroll Franklin Resource Teacher
Dora Deleon Non-Instructional Staff
Craig Presley Community Representative
Daisey Steiner Community Representative
Marilyn Huber, KBR Business Representative
Dorothy Edwards Parent Representative
Pamela Matthews Parent Representative
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