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Farias School Building  
School Hours: 7:45 am - 3:00 pm
Students are Tardy at 7:45 am
Doors open at 7:15 am
Office Hours:  7:15 am - 3:45 pm
District Early Dismissal Days: 7:40 am - 12 pm
If you need to pick up your child early, pick them up PRIOR to 2 PM.
On Early Dismissal Days, pick up  PRIOR to 11:45 AM.

Our Vision
We believe that we are planting the seed to create a love of learning that will blossom into successful, lifelong learners. Our students will have the necessary skills to attend college, be critical thinkers, exemplary employees and productive citizens. We are cultivating the future!



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 SDMC Notes: 
This committee meets monthly to address school-wide issues and concerns.
Click the image to access the latest meeting minutes.

Congratulations to Jeanette Arndt (left) for being selected as our Teacher of the Year and Teresa Sanchez (right) for being selected as our Bilingual Teacher of the Year.