Frequently Asked Questions

  • For a PDF version of our Carnegie Vanguard HS Brochure, click here!


  • When do you start taking applications?

  • Can I fax or email in my application?

  • Can I submit an incomplete application?

  • Which application do I complete?

  • Do you accept students at all grade levels?

  • What if my application is late?

  • Do you consider anything else?

  • What do I need to do about the teacher recommendation?

  • Where can I get an application?

  • How many students will be selected for your program?

  • What if my student is not selected due to the lottery system?

  • Do you give tours any other time of the year besides Magnet Thursdays?

  • What happens on a campus tour?


  • I want to schedule testing for my child. How do I do that?

  • What should I bring to testing?

  • Does my child need testing?

  • What if my child is GT in another district where we live now?

  • What if my child cannot make any of the testing dates?

  • We attend private school and my child takes the ERB. Can we use that instead of the achievement test?

  • How long does testing take?

  • How do you determine if my child is GT?


  • What UIL sports does CVHS offer?

  • Can my child participate in sports at another campus?

  • What club sports does CVHS offer?