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    Frequently Asked Questions:




    • When do you start taking applications?

    September 27, 2019


    • Can I fax or email in my application?

    No. Applications are done through an online program.


    • Can I submit an incomplete application?

    No. Please submit a fully-completed application.


    • Which application do I complete?

    You need to apply to the HISD magnet application and choose the Carnegie vanguard High school program. Please refer to the ranking section on the left side of the admission tab to understand how to rank your schools.


    • Do you accept students at all grade levels?

    In addition to the 9th grade space available, Carnegie Vanguard High School may have a limited number of spaces available for incoming 10th graders. If space does materialize and there are more applications than spaces, a lottery will be held to determine which applicants are accepted into the school.


    • What if my application is late?

    Applications for Phase I must be submitted or postmarked no later than December 6, 2019. We do not accept applications during Phase 2 or 3.


    • Do you consider anything else?

    No. For equity purposes we cannot consider letters, resumes, awards, projects, photos, or anything not listed on the application.


    • What do I need to do about the teacher recommendation?

    We only need a teacher recommendation if your child is not currently identified as GT. We cannot accept free form letters. The Vanguard Teacher Recommendation form is the only teacher recommendation we can accept. The form is included in the online application. Please select a 8th grade core teacher (Math, English, Sciences or social sciences). Please call us if you have questions about this form.


    • Where can I get an application?

    Applications are available from September 27, 2019 and can be accessed on the HISD Office of School Choice website or through the CVHS website under quick link.


    • How many students will be selected for your program?

    It varies from year to year.


    • What if my student is not selected due to the lottery system?

    Any student that is qualified but not guaranteed a spot at Carnegie will be placed on a wait list and contacted if any spots become available.


    • Do you give tours any other time of the year besides Magnet Thursdays?

    No. Tours are not available at any other time of the school year. Quality instruction without interruption is paramount at Carnegie Vanguard High School. We encourage you to take advantage of seeing the campus during Magnet Thursdays. We do NOT have student shadowing.


    • What happens on a campus tour?

    Current students and parents at CVHS will lead small groups of parents into classrooms while class is taking place, so parents can see what instruction looks like at Carnegie. Parents will also tour the facility and can ask questions.




    • I want to schedule testing for my child. How do I do that?

    Applicants will be tested in their zone school according to the list provided in the online application.


    • What should I bring to testing?

    Your child will need some form of ID. A passport or school ID is sufficient. If your child does not have an ID, a parent must present his or her ID. Students are also encouraged to bring a #2 pencil for Iowa testing.


    • Does my child need testing?

    Only if your child is not currently identified as GT by Houston ISD. Students must be able to provide BOTH a copy of their matrix and a status report from their current school.


    • What if my child is GT in another district where we live now?

    Students who are GT from other districts MUST test with HISD. Please note that we do not accept Out of District applicants for Phase 1. 


    • What if my child cannot make any of the testing dates?

    To qualify for Carnegie's program, your child will need to test. 


    • We attend private school and my child takes the ERB. Can we use that instead of the achievement test?

    No. ERB scores are not accepted.


    • How old can test scores be for us to submit them?

    Per the guidelines of HISD's Advanced Academics, we cannot take scores outside of the current school year. For the 2020-2021 application we will accept test scores from September 2019 or later. If a student who did NOT qualify last year wishes to reapply this year, they may test again. 


    • How long does testing take?

    The duration of the achievement test is approximately 4 hours and the ability test is approximately 45 minutes. This is NOT the exact time for each test, but rather an estimated time the student will be engaged in the testing process. This includes completing answer sheets, signing into the computers for online testing, etc. 

    Please make sure to schedule your tests so they don't conflict: the achievement test is offered in the morning therefore schedule the ability test in the afternoon if you wish your child to take both tests on the same day. 


    From HISD's Student Assessment Department:


    The achievement assessments are norm-referenced tests administered to G/T applicants and potential G/T candidates without norm-referenced test scores from the last 12 months. Students complete 2 subtests: Reading and Math.


    The Ability Test is a short, nonverbal instrument measuring reasoning and problem-solving skills rather than verbal ability. The nonverbal battery is comprised of three 10-minute (approximate) subtests: Figure matrices (subtest contains three figures in an analogy that the student must complete), Paper Folding (requires the examinee to determine how a folded, hole-punched paper will appear when unfolded), and Figure Classification (presents three figures in the stem and the examinee is required to determine a fourth figure that belongs to the set).


    • How do you determine if my child is GT?

          For students who must test or provide test results, the HISD matrix is used to determine Gifted and Talented (GT) eligibility.