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    Full Name:
    Allison Powers
    High School Graduation Year: 2015
    College: Occidental College
    Major: Psychology
    Minor: Economics

    Why did you choose to attend Occidental College?

    I was looking for a small, liberal arts college in order have smaller class sizes, more access to faculty, and more flexibility to take a range of classes and possibly switch majors. I also wanted to attend an undergraduate-only institution in order to get involved with research without having to compete with graduate students for the same opportunities. I am interested in research psychology and data analysis, so it was important for me to find opportunities to gain experience as early in my studies as possible! 

    Can you share your thoughts on the application process?

    There are so many different factors that influence college selection, which can make it hard to narrow down college choices. It helped me to make a list of categories with my top priorities: out of state, somewhere warm, undergrad only, liberal arts, etc. This strategy helped me stay focus and I did not get distracted by every school that sent me an email. Another essential part of the process is choosing a TRUE range of schools to apply to. Everyone knows to apply to a mix of reaches and safeties, but it’s important to choose safeties that you can actually see yourself attending; do not just schools you’ll likely get into. I think it is easy to forget that you’re not just choosing a school, but a place to live, so be intentional with your choices.

    What Words of Wisdom do you have for current CVHS students?
    It is so easy to get wrapped up in the application process and lose perspective. You do not have to go to an Ivy League school to get a good education, and the skills you gain at Carnegie will help you at any school. Carnegie can be a very intense environment, but I encourage you to take a step back and really reflect on what is important to you moving forward in your education and your life. College is a wonderful opportunity to experience a totally new environment, so make sure you take the time to make the best choice for you!

    What did you learn at CVHS that is most applicable as a college student?

    Carnegie is an extremely rigorous environment, and becoming a part of it for four years really helps prepare students to balance their academic workload in college. AP courses are pretty comparable to some of the college courses I have taken, especially the emphasis on the quantity of reading and writing. I have also found having close contact with teachers and asking them for help influenced me to feel comfortable in reaching out to and interacting with my college professors.

    Was CVHS effective in helping you in your college application process?
    Absolutely, Ms. Chapman, counselor, has an answer for any question you may have. Even if you feel like you already have the tools and information you need, go check with your counselor often; there might be additional information and suggestions that they can give you to enhance your application process. Go to Ms. Chapman, or your counselor, for anything, from narrowing down schools to reaching out to college representatives to weighing pros and cons about a certain college.


    Full Name:
    Claudia Siboney Navarro
    High School Graduation Year: 2015
    College: University of Houston 
    Major: Biochemistry

    Why did you choose to attend the University of Houston?
    I chose UH because it is close to home, and it provides flexibility in my schedule. It is so easy to get a job on campus that is flexible with my work schedule. As an undergraduate student I have research opportunities, and professors are very accessible. Also, the transition from Carnegie to UH has been very smooth for the most part.

    Can you share your thoughts on how to best prepare for college?

    Definitely, take away the habit of procrastination. Also be ready to take notes, ask questions, participate in class, and do not be shy about approaching professors or anyone who might help you. 

    In your experience, what are some attributes of individuals who are most successful in as Biochemistry majors?
    Individuals who are diligent, persevering, nice, positive, goal-orientated are most successful in Biochemistry. 

    What Words of Wisdom do you have for current CVHS students?

    You need to stay on track. It's okay to party, but don't forget about your responsibilities and always have your goals in mind. Also, don't try to get everything done by yourself. Find a study buddy, or join a study group. Join organizations because they will reduce the stress and you can build your network. College will be as good as you want it to be, so be ready to get the most out of it! Be confident about yourself and be nice to everyone; one day you help someone, the next day someone else might help you. GO TO OFFICE HOURS: your professors are there to help you, they are not teaching for free. 

    Did Carnegie prepare you to become a college-ready student?

    Yes, because the work load is similar, but less overwhelming in college. I love many people from Carnegie, and I am very grateful for the wonderful memories I have of that place, but the workload was intense.  

    Full Name: Connor Burwell

    High School Graduation Year: 2015
    College: Lafayette College, Easton, PA
    Majors: Government & Law, Philosophy
    Minor: Economics

    Why did you choose to attend Lafayette College?
    I chose to attend Lafayette College because it is: well renowned academic profile and reputation, fantastic faculty to student ratio, undergraduate only institution, highly rated career services and graduate studies advising program, and merit aid available ($40,000 per year top award).

    I plan on attending law school to pursue a legal career.

    In your experience, what are some attributes of individuals who are most successful in as a government and Law, philosophy major?

    The most compelling attribute of successful students in my major(s) is the ability to think critically and tackle unusual problems. Questions in philosophy and government do not always have clear-cut answers, which requires those pursing answers to those questions to be able to think outside of the box and tackle problems from multiple perspectives.

    What Words of Wisdom do you have for current CVHS students?
    Budget your time appropriately.
    Do not ask what the minimum requirements are for graduation, college acceptance, etc. Instead, put forth your maximum effort.
    Throw yourself passionately into what you are interested in all the way-don't just dip your toes in.

    Did Carnegie prepare you to become a college-ready student? 
    I went to CVHS to become college-ready, and that expectation was more than met. Carnegie’s heavy workload gave me a good grasp on how to manage my time effectively, and the close relationship between students and teachers at Carnegie enabled me to communicate well with my professors at Lafayette and build networks with them.

    Was CVHS effective in helping you in your college application process?
    CVHS and Ms. Chapman in particular were very helpful in guiding me through the college apps process. The fact that there was always an open dialogue about applying to college kept me on track to meet deadlines, and reviewing our common app essays in English class was a major asset to building a strong application. Ms. Chapman could not have been kinder or more supportive in helping me push my limits and put my best self forward.


    Full Name:
    Sofia Cormack
    High School Graduation Year: 2015
    College: Texas A&M University
    Major: Communications
    Minor: Advertising 

    Why did you choose to attend Texas A&M University?
    I loved the large size of Texas A&M and the traditions called my attention. When I toured the campus I knew that it was the school for me. It truly felt like home. Along with my communications major, I am going to also earn a certificate in public relations; my goal is to work PR for the Houston Texans or any NFL team.

    Can you share your thoughts on how to best prepare for college?
    Be open to all things. You can't go to school with a set plan, you need to be willing to be flexible and go with the flow. You should also inform yourself about traditions your school might have. Texas A&M has a lot of traditions and it was nice to know those things before my first day. 

    What Words of Wisdom do you have for current CVHS students?
    Do not be scared to go outside your comfort zone in college, and understand that not everyone will have the same views as the students at Carnegie. You should not dismiss them or tell they are wrong. My best friend in school is a die-hard republican and we do not see eye to eye on many political issues, but we can have an open discussion and it’s interesting to hear a point of view different from my own. 

    What is one thing you wish you would have known before your first day of college?
    I wish I would have known where my classes were located. A couple of days before school starts take time and get to know the location of your classes and the bus routes you will need to use. This will help you not to get late to class on your first day and you will have a better sense of where you are going. 

    Was CVHS effective in helping you in your college application process?
    Yes, it was effective in showing me what schools were in my reach. I would have liked more information about the pathways I could have taken to get accepted into my first-choice school, Texas A&M. Through individual research I learned about the TAMU PSA Program; I spent my first year at Texas A&M at Galveston and then transferred to Texas A&M – Main Campus. 


    Full Name:
    Kyle Howard Frank
    High School Grad Year: 2015
    College: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
    Major: Economics
    Minor: History of Law and Policy

    Why Did You choose to attend University of Michigan? I chose to attend Michigan mainly because of its unmatched academic quality; U of M is consistently ranked at the top of many college rankings and that played a major factor in my decision.  Additionally, my family has a long history of attending Michigan.  I am a fourth or fifth generation Wolverine, and I take great pride in continuing this family tradition.  I always wanted to attend Michigan. It is a dream come true for me to be continuing my education in Ann Arbor.

    What words of wisdom do you have for current CVHS students?
     I want to advise current students to start developing really good study habits while high school. One thing I didn't do at Carnegie was to develop really strong study habits, and it is definitely something I wish I would have done. I'm noticing that when I have an upcoming exam, I find myself looking at the material not really knowing where to begin.  Strong study habits will not only help you learn the material but will also help you be more productive and efficient with your time.

    Why did you choose CVHS? Honestly, I attended Carnegie because my parents made me go. That being said, I can say with 100% confidence that CVHS was by far the best thing that happened to me.  Not only was I able to receive an outstanding education, but I was also able to connect with a fantastic teaching and administrative staff who I still keep in contact with. Above all, I received the opportunity to share my high school experience with an unbelievably awesome group of smart, caring, and passionate people who I would do anything for.  When I become a dad, I will choose a school like Carnegie for my children because I know that it will change their life for the better like CVHS did for me.

    Was CVHS effective in helping you in your college application process?  Absolutely!  Carnegie has so many amazing resources to help with the college application process, and it all starts with the counselors.  CVHS students are lucky to attend a school with a small enrollment because it allows them to really get individualize attention from the counselors. I recommend students to take full advantage of the amazing people in the counselor's office. They have so much great information about the application process that will help ease some of the stress.  Additionally, the relationships that CVHS has with so many schools helps give students great insight into what schools are looking for and give them an advantage over other students at other schools.

    What did you learn at CVHS that is most applicable as a college student?  The biggest thing I learned at Carnegie was time-management skills.  The workload I get at Michigan is very similar to the amount of work I received at Carnegie.  On top of that, I have a full athletic schedule to factor in as well (30-40 hrs/week).  The time-management skills I developed at Carnegie have been essential to me.  They have helped me stay on top of my school work and maintain a GPA that I am proud of.  Quality time-management skills are essential to being successful in every aspect of life.  Rhinos, try your best to develop time-management skills, as they will be so helpful for you not only at Carnegie, but at college and beyond.  Go Blue!