• Graduation is not all about the glory of finishing high school, but also about the commitment that one has to the community as you progress into your adult life. Carnegie ensures this lesson with a requirement of community service hours before graduation. Each student must complete one hundred hours of community service and document them in the appropriate forms found in the counseling office. Any service that a student has performed between 9th and 12th grade (including service completed during the summer before 9th grade) can be counted towards their hours.

    The activities are not limited to school-organized service events. The one hundred hours can come from anything a student decides to participate in which benefits the community. Activities range from volunteering at the Houston Children’s Museum to tours at Carnegie for prospective parents and students. Anthony Obi, who was a member of the 2005-2006 senior class, volunteers at his church by helping out around the building and assisting those in need of a few extra hands.

    From National Honor Society projects to local religious activities, participation in many types of community service projects are encouraged for CVHS students to meet this important graduation requirement. With one hundred hours as a necessary achievement, the diversity among student participation is great at Carnegie.

    Use the form below to track community service hours. The form should be turned into the counselors' office.