French level I

  •                                                            Mrs. Savala, Patricia 2021-2022

                                                                                    FRENCH I

    Carnegie Vanguard High School

    1501 Taft St. Houston TX. 77019


    713-732-3690                                                                   Room 209


                                                                  Bienvenue!              Welcome!


                                     This French 1 language course focuses on the development of communicative competence in French language and understanding of the francophone cultures.

    The key to success in language learning is to immerse yourself in the language as much as you can. Studying 15-20 minutes daily is key to success. Review the material covered in class daily.

    We will do writing, reading, listening and dialogues on a regular basis. There will be quizzes and unit tests. We will also cover the different cultures around the francophone world.

    We will be using the book Discovering French as well as the online book provided by the district. Many other resources will be used to enhance learning, hard copy as well as online.





    Attendance is essential for doing well in class. I will take attendance every day. You will be considered absent at the 15 minute mark on regular days and at the 30 minute mark on block days.


                                                                               Classroom rules


    • The objectives will be written on the board for the day as well as other reminders.
    • There will be an absentee section where the materials for the previous day will be placed. It is your responsibility to check!
    • After the second bell you are considered late and tardiness will be documented.
    • Cell phones are to be turned off and placed in the pockets provided on the wall.
    • No food, gum or sweet drinks allowed. You may have water.
    • Leave your seat with permission only.




                                                                                 RESTROOM CODE


    You can go to the restroom in between activities and you must ask in French!!!


                                                                             MATERIALS NEEDED


      One ¾ inch spiral notebook and a folder for handouts.



     DAILY WORK                                                                                           25%

    TEST                                                                                                        30%

    PROJECT                                                                                                  20%

    QUIZ                                                                                                        25%



                                                                                                 ADDITIONAL NOTE


    I am very enthusiastic about teaching you and making this experience enriching and pleasant for all of us. In return I am asking that you come prepared to class and ready to learn. Please feel free to contact me with any issue that may arise.