• The information on this page will help you request your academic courses for your 9th grade year.


    CLICK HERE to request your classes


    Deadline - Monday, May 4 at 8 pm.

  • Dear Class of 2024,

    Welcome to the Kinder HSPVA family! We wish we were seeing you in person to give you a proper welcome (with ice cream) but until then, please read the important information below.

    The purpose of this email is to help you select your academic courses for next year.  There are three or four documents that you will need to review.

    1. Personalized course information letter (will be sent directly to parents)
    2. HSPVA Course Information (link below)
    3. GPA information (link below)
    4. Possible letter regarding Health credit (for students who already have a Biology credit) (link below)

    Personalized Course Information Letter

    We require all incoming freshman to complete the Course Request Link to create schedules for the 2020-2021 school year. In the personalized course information letter you will receive, you are provided with information regarding which courses are available for your student to request. It is important to only request courses the counselors have approved based on the course credits you are earning or have earned. If you sign up for a class you already have credit for, or skip a required course, YOU WILL BE REMOVED FROM THAT COURSE and placed appropriately. More information on when to turn in final transcripts will be provided later.

    HSPVA Course Information

    Please review the information about courses and levels at HSPVA before making a final decision about requests.

    GPA Information

    Please review the information about GPA points at HSPVA before finalizing what level of courses you will request.  For incoming 9th graders, previous credits earned, while counting for graduation requirements, will not be included in your high school GPA.

    Health Credit Letter

    If your personalized course information letter states that you have credit for Biology in middle school, please see the link below on how to earn the Health credit on your own. Remember all correspondence courses must be approved by the counselors.

    HISD Student ID #

    For the survey below, you will need to know your student’s HISD ID #.  If you are new to HISD or do not have access to your student’s HISD ID #, please email Mr. Klein the name of your student and he will reply with their ID #.  This is an important # that will follow your student through graduation.

    Course Request Survey Link

    Please click the link below to request courses for the 2020-2021 School Year. Please note that this Course Request Survey MUST BE COMPLETED BY Monday, May 4 at 8 pm.



    In August, students will receive their schedule and can make changes within the first 15 days of each semester only.

    Counselors will make every effort to complete change requests, but are limited by art area conflicts, class availability, and other master schedule limitations.  Art area requirements take priority over other schedule issues and classes cannot be overloaded to honor schedule requests.