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    HSPVA currently offers the following Foreign Language courses:
    French 1
    French 2
    French 3 Pre-AP
    Spanish 1
    Spanish 2
    Spanish 3 Pre-AP
    Spanish 4 AP
    Foreign Languages Department at HSPVA implements the HISD curriculum to:
    • Support college bound/career ready culture;
    • Ensure ALL students have access to essential learning
    • Create a learning environment that encourages positive social interaction, active learning and mutual respect
    • Ensure ALL students know how to access and use the language and its cultural resources within and beyond the school setting.


    Our Department Goals are to assist and encourage Foreign Language students to learn and use the target language in a contextualized and meaningful way by:
    • Engaging them in authentic learning experiences;
    • Emphasizing concept/skills based learning;
    • Developing creativity, imagination, and innovation;
    • Preparing students for performance/contests; and
    • Differentiating for individual learning styles.

    Foreign Language classroom activities at HSPVA include: 

    • Products and performances in the target language;
    • More student centered activities;
    • Learning through language vs. learning about it;
    • Using the language in authentic and contextualized ways; 
    • Importance of communication and meaning; and
    • Use of Technology resources.