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    March 2, 2021


    Hello AP Students and Parents!


    The 2020-2021 school year has simply been unprecedented in the wide range of challenges and obstacles thrown at students and school communities. Each school community in turn has had to be creative and think outside of the box when it comes to delivering quality instruction and support to students. College Board, the entity that oversees AP courses and exams, has recognized that individual campuses across the nation need options and the ability to be flexible if they wish to continue offering the opportunity to students to earn college credit through the AP exam process.


    As a result, campuses have been given multiple options in such decisions as exam dates and formats so that they may adapt AP exam administration to what fits their individual student communities best. After reviewing all options available from College Board, balancing other testing obligations such as final exams and STAAR EOC, and navigating the often-complex HSPVA event calendar, the following exam schedule and formats will be followed for the 2021 AP exam administration.





    Please note again that the AP exam schedule will look different from campus to campus as each school decides what works best for their schedule and students. Most exams will be in-person and paper-based although some are moving to later than usual dates. Please review the expectations of and options to consider for in-person vs virtual students below


    Taking AP Exams: In Person vs Virtual


    • In Person Students: If you are a student who is in-person for regular instruction for the 6th grading cycle (begins May 3rd), you will attend all in-person paper-based exams on campus and will only take a at-home digital exam if that is the format indicated on the 2021 Kinder HSPVA and May EOC Exam


    • Virtual Students: If you are a student who is virtual for regular instruction for the 6th grading cycle (begins May 3rd), you have two


    • Option #1: For any in-person paper-based exams you are allowed to join in- person students on campus that day for that exam.


    • Option #2: If you are uncomfortable being on campus entirely, then you may opt to take all your exams at-home digitally. To select this option, once again you must be a virtual student for regular instruction for the 6th grading cycle, and by opting for this plan, it means 100% of exams will be Selecting this option means a student cannot select only certain exams to take digitally and must commit fully to option 1 or 2. The dates and times for these exams vary by course (they are listed in the survey below). If you are a virtual instruction student and would like to opt in for option #2 and taking all exams virtually, a parent/guardian must complete the following Google Survey no later than Friday, April 16th.


    Survey link: www.tinyurl.com/hspvaapexam2021


    Lastly, please note that College Board will be offering mid-June make-up late testing. If a student misses an exam schedule on the 2021 Kinder HSPVA AP and May EOC Exam Schedule, this will be the only alternative testing available. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email at stellez1@houstonisd.org. Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation as we navigate such complex and challenging tasks.


    Sincerely, Sean Tellez

    Assistant Principal/AP Coordinator