•  Welcome to the Kinder HSPVA PTO, where every Kinder HSPVA school family is a member.


    Our PTO is a vital part of Kinder HSPVA’s support team, specifically regarding our academic classrooms, all school Teacher Appreciation efforts, and assisting with school building needs. The Kinder HSPVA PTO also works in tandem with our school’s magnet coordinator- improving and implementing our Outreach efforts- ensuring students across Houston receive support and information about the programs here at HSPVA.


    With your help, our 100+ volunteers work shifts at our School Store and Spirit Wear Pop-Up shops, volunteer with our Parents of Black History Cultural Diversity & Inclusion events, assist with our Teacher Appreciation efforts, assist with school events such as Registration and Artist Academy, volunteer during our Career Forum, and/or serve on the PTO Executive Committee. Together, we support our wonderful school to make all things possible, ultimately contributing to the uniquely exceptional educational experience of each of our students.


    Our annual fundraising goal is $200,000. Most of this money is raised for academic classroom needs such as furniture, equipment, consultants, and teacher trainings. We also raise this money to fund building needs and to fund our monthly Teacher Appreciation efforts.



    You can contribute to the PTO in 3 ways:

    1. Shop at our School Store/Pop-Up Shops and purchase your school supplies through the school store.

    2. Volunteer for any of our events or to work a regular shift in the school store.

    3. Donate annually to the PTO.



    To volunteer, please contact





    To make a donation to the PTO, click here:www.KinderHSPVAPTO.org




    Together, we can Make it Happen for HSPVA!



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