• Mr. Glover's sculpture is now on display. The art runs on Richmond Avenue from Chimney Rock Road to South Rice Avenue.  https://houston.culturemap.com/news/arts/07-30-20-galleria-outdoor-sculptures-esplanades-whirlwind-tim-glover-bunny-tara-conley-love-2-all-mark-bradford/#slide=1


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    Claudia Garcia, Inflatable Cathy Le, Class of 2018

    The Visual Arts Department serves about 150 students, and our course offerings include: Advertising Design, Animation, Art Awareness, Art Criticism/Critical Thinking, Art History, Ceramics, Conceptual Concerns, Drawing, Foundations of Design, General Sculpture, Metal Sculpture, Mixed Media, New Experiences (installation and performance), Painting, Photography, Photoshop, Printmaking, Video, and Woodshop.

    Mission Statement
    The mission of the Visual Arts Department program is to provide a solid foundation in the visual arts and to build a broad-based fine arts experience with an emphasis on idea/concept development, problem-solving, and critical thinking. This approach requires visual arts students to develop critical thinking skills, to enhance their technical skills, and to experience and explore an extensive variety of arts-related media. Additionally, it is our goal to allow advanced students the luxury of independent study and group discourse to incubate and carry out a rigorous exploration of their own areas of interest, be they political, personal, social, and/or aesthetic, resulting in uniquely individualized portfolios.

    Visual Arts Department Philosophy
    The Visual Arts Department believes that each student has unique needs, backgrounds, strengths. We look for motivated and curious learners, understanding that it is important to nurture the whole individual. We support them in investigating and integrating art, academics, character development, and physical and mental health to achieve personal success. Students who are accepted into our program have demonstrated exceptional potential in their audition. Growth within the art area will require hard work and extraordinary commitment and dedication.
    As a faculty, we strive to prepare our students for the challenges they face in an uncertain future. We seek to accomplish this by working and communicating as a team with the students, their parents, and our colleagues to foster the development of a well-rounded and contributing artist/citizen. Our program is critique-based, and we encourage our students to be open and receptive to feedback through constructive criticism and to be committed to personal growth. We want to support students in becoming contributing, responsible, and generous creative-thinkers and problem-solvers of good character. We hope they will become leaders who create positive change in our world.
    Caroline Perkison, Class of 2018  DeCarte Washington, Class of 2018