• Our principal, Dr. Priscilla Rivas

    Dr. Priscilla Rivas is an experienced educator, artist, and coffee drinker.  She joined HISD in 2005 after completing her teaching degree at the University of Houston. After many years of effective teaching at the elementary level, she went on to pursue her master’s degree in leadership at the University of St. Thomas and her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus in Learning, Design and Technology at the University of Houston. Dr. Rivas has served as an assistant principal at Browning Elementary and principal at Crockett Elementary, a magnet school for the performing in Visual Arts, excelling at closing the gaps and student achievement.  She is a skilled team-builder and culture-shaper with a focus on inclusivity of race, ethnicity, gender, and identity.  Dr. Rivas is also a performing artist, artistic director, and teacher for dance and visual arts with a passion for making the arts accessible to all. 

     Dr. Priscilla Rivas