To access individual teachers webpages, please click on their links to the left.  Below are general course descriptions for the English Language Arts courses at HSPVA.
    English I
    This course focuses on integrating writing and grammatical skills with literary analysis. Students will learn to utilize the writing process for a variety of purposes and audiences. Short stories, poems, and non-fictional works from a spectrum of cultures will be read and analyzed during the course. Basic research skills will be developed.
    Pre AP English
    This "pre-Advanced Placement" course requires students to read more critically and begin to research in greater depth the relationships among literary works, other art forms, and their own writings.
    English II
    This course examines a variety of literary works from different countries and time periods and makes interconnections between literary analysis, reading comprehension, and writing skills. Students will write, revise and edit many of their compositions in a collaborative and cooperative learning mode. Research skills will be developed in greater depth.
    Pre AP English II
    This "pre-Advanced Placement" course facilitates students' critical reading abilities with longer literary works. Students will combine their vocabulary and word usage skills with their analysis and interpretation of traditional and contemporary works to demonstrate and strengthen their own voice and writing style.
    English III
    This course focuses primarily on American literary works and genres. Students will exhibit their compositional skills in a variety of formats after analyzing and drawing inferences from works of fiction and non-fiction.
    AP English III
    This course prepares students for the Advanced Placement (AP) English Language and Composition Examination to be taken at the end of the year. Students will utilize the research and writing processes to express their interpretation of the implicit meaning of literary works written mostly by American writers. They will be expected to exhibit a more advanced level of critical thinking skills when developing their own compositions and literary-based projects.