• PVA update Monday, May 18, 2020



    Good Afternoon!


    While most of this e-mail is a review of what was shared last week, there are some small additions.


    On Thursday and Friday, May 28th and 29th, we will have a time for underclassmen to come to Kinder HSPVA to gather their belongings and clean out their academic and art area lockers.  The district has disinfected the entire school and staff will be on campus to monitor social distancing…and wave from a distance.  Trust me when I tell you that we will be smiling behind our masks!  If you need to drop off items, but do not want to enter the building, please e-mail Mr. Tellez at stellez1@houstonisd.org.  Include your student’s name and what items need to be dropped off so we can arrange for that to occur.


    On these two days, please note:

    • All employees must always wear PPE equipment.
    • All individuals must maintain 6 feet apart distancing.
    • No physical contact to be allowed (hugging, handshakes, etc.).
    • Students are required to wear masks.  These will be provided by HISD at front door of first floor elevator for anyone who doesn’t have one.
    • Students getting off elevators on floors other than the first without PPE will be redirected to that area. (Changed the order)
    • Parking will be in the garage to keep the social distancing flow as organized as possible. 
    • We ask that no more than two people at a time ride the elevator.  The stairs may also be used from the garage.


    This Check List will help students get things accomplished while on campus and this Item Check List will hopefully help you and your student be sure everything is together before entering the school. If your student has everything out of the building and doesn’t need to come to PVA on these days, that is not a problem.  Please know that the custodial staff will clean out all lockers in June, and those items discarded.


    The Sign-Up Genius link is listed below.  This offers 30-minute slots with 20 students per session. Only one parent will be allowed to assist each student as needed to limit the number of people in the school at a time.  The hours both Thursday and Friday will be from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm.

    Sign up here:  http://www.tinyurl.com/hspvacampuscleanout


    As always, thank you for your patience and understanding as we close out the school year. Please let me know if you have questions.





    Scott Allen, Ed.D.


    Kinder HSPVA