• SENIOR PVA UPDATES - Monday, May 18, 2020



    HSPVA Senior Parents,


    Good afternoon.  I write today with a lot of information about May 22nd and June 5th.  Our goal is to keep all students and adults as safe as possible with the use of social distancing and proper PPE and close out the school year the smoothest way possible.  I thank you once again for the patience and understanding that you have shown us since March 12th.  You have all been amazing.  Thanks, from the bottom of my heart.


    Prom and Senior Fees Refunds


    My hope from the time we realized that a prom and most senior activities would most likely not happen was to be able to offer a full refund to our senior parents.  While some of the fees have been used on things like cap and gowns and as nonrefundable down payments on venues, I am pleased to be able to offer full refunds.  Refunds or not, seniors will still get caps and gowns this Friday.


    Senior fees were $250 ($260 if paid late) and prom tickets were $90 ($100 if paid late). The following options are available for those who have already paid for the 2020 Senior Fees and/or the HSPVA Prom:


    OPTION 1: Donate your fee(s)
    This option asks you to consider donating your fee(s) to offset the expenses incurred prior to releasing for COVID19, we very much appreciate your consideration. To do this, email Ms. Herrera (bherrer1@houstonisd.org) and simply state that you would like to donate either or both fees. Please include your name, your student’s name, and a telephone number in case we need to contact you, in the e-mail.


    OPTION 2: Refund your fee(s)
    Request a refund by contacting the Ms. Herrera at bherrer1@houstonisd.org.


    Please include the following information:

    • Student Name
    • Parent Names
    • Home Address (Checks will be mailed by HISD)
    • Telephone number
    • Email address


    *If you paid with School Pay you must send us a copy of the receipt. That can be accessed and printed at http://www.schoolpay.com


    We ask that you contact us by June 1st with your decision. Please be patient as we process refunds.  HISD will mail checks after Ms. Herrera submits refund requests.  Thank you for your help with this.




    Kinder HSPVA Senior Campus Drop Off/Pick Up/Cap and Gown Photos

    Friday, May 22, 2020


    On May 22nd we will have the seniors on campus for cap and gown pickup, technology drop off, locker clean out, and cap and gown photos. In order to keep building capacity at 25% or below and to help with social distancing, we will have seniors come by art area. Please note there is an end of day makeup time in case a student is taking an AP exam or has another reason the scheduled time will not work. Please arrive and park in the parking garage.  This helps with the social distancing flow of the process. A reminder that one parent can assist if a senior needs extra help with gathering personal belongings.  We will also offer a bus drive drop off/pickup if a senior chooses not to enter the building. If you would like to take advantage of this, please e-mail Mr. Tellez by Wednesday, May 20th, at stellez1@houstonisd.org.


    We are working with Houston ISD and Herff Jones to submit items to make our 2020 Virtual Graduation as special as possible.  The first thing we must do is submit a cap and gown photo of each senior.  Because of the recently communicated timeline, we had to move cap and gown photos to this Friday.  While picking things up and dropping things off is important on Friday, the most important thing to me is taking your senior’s cap and gown photo.  When your student arrives at the times listed below, they will go the to the hallway near the backstage area of the Denney with their PPE on.  Caps and Gowns will be hung, steamed free of wrinkles, and ready to be put on.  Cords, caps, and tassels will also be in an envelope with each student’s name.  We will also have the art area hoods ready for seniors. 


    Students will dress with socially distanced assistance from the staff before going onstage in the Denney.  You need to instruct your student of what you want them to do (we can do one or both):

    • Take a photo with Dr. Allen and diploma cover at 6’ distance or next to one another with no handshake.  No masks.
    • Take an individual photo with diploma. (This is what will be used in Virtual Graduation ceremony)


    We placed the photo session first because some students may come dressed nice and looking nice and we wanted them to be fresh.  If heels are worn, students might bring comfortable shoes for gathering things and completing tasks after pictures are taken.  If you do not plan for your senior to take a cap and gown photo, we are asking you to e-mail Mr. Klein at jklein1@houstonisd.org by Friday morning, May 22nd, in order for us to talk through photo options for the Virtual Graduation.


    Details on how to purchase these images will be sent out later this week. 


    The schedule for art areas arrival will be:

    8:00 am              Visual Arts   

    9:00 am              Creative Writing  

    9:30 am              Dance  

    10:00 am            Band/Jazz/Piano  

    10:45 am            Mariachi/Orchestra 

    11:30 am            Theatre

    12:15 pm            LUNCH BREAK

    1:00 pm              Vocal

    1:30 pm              Makeup Time for students not attending an above session

    2:30 pm              Seniors taking AP Stats Exam at 1:00 pm

    4:00 pm              Campus Closed


    Overview of Student Clean-Out Process:

    • Social distancing and proper wearing of PPE including masks and gloves are always required  while on campus. The district will provide PPE.
    • Students will arrive and all park in the garage and enter using staircase D where students will receive a checklist and then proceed to Staircase C to go down and take cap and gown photos.
    • After taking cap and gown photos in the Denney, students will go upstairs to turn in technology and then check-in with their art areas.
    • Finally, students will go down to the Commons, turn in key cards in the 1st floor office, pick up their senior gift, and exit to the garage using the elevator
    • Students are also reminded to clear out academic lockers if they have anything in them and to visit the nurse if they have any medications needing to be picked up.
    • All students will exit to the garage using the elevator after receiving their senior gifts.
    • A To Do sheet will be given to students when they arrive on campus (Senior Check Out) and the items to be turned in will be printed on the back (Items to Return).  Please encourage your student to check the lists before arriving at school in order to bring all items.  






    Turn-In Technology

    Gather Items/

    Art Areas/


    Gather Items from Commons/Depart

    (Key Cards/Senior Gift)

    Visual Arts (33)






    Creative Writing (19)






    Dance (29)





    Band (15)/Jazz (4)/Piano (3)





    Mariachi (9)/Orchestra (17)





    Theatre (27)





    Photo Worker Lunch Break





    Vocal (29)





    Make Ups







    June 5th: City of Houston Tribute to Class of 2020


    The city of Houston is holding a Class of 2020 recognition ceremony on June 5th and that begins at 6:30 pm.  This is not a graduation, but rather a time to have the kids together and celebrate them. Seniors will wear their caps and gowns and the city’s part of the evening will be broadcast on local stations for people to tune in and watch. We will gather seniors at HSPVA for social distanced fellowship and refreshments and then walk to Discovery Green for the ceremony.  While HISD has said that parents will not be attending, we are making arrangements for (shhhh…this is a surprise) a parent car parade along the Avenida de las Americas immediately following the event, probably about 7:15 pm.  The folks at Discovery Green and Houston First are going out of their way to make this an amazing event for the HSPVA Class of 2020.  I will send details for a parent gathering location closer to June 5th.


    Reminders for the June 5th event:

    • Per HISD, no parents allowed in building
    • Park in garage/Dropped off at front entrance
    • Everyone must wear proper PPE
    • All individuals must maintain 6 feet apart distancing.
    • No physical contact to be allowed (hugging, handshakes, etc.).
    • Students are required to wear masks.  These will be provided at front door, 1st floor elevator, 2nd Floor Stairwell D.
    • Wearing caps and gowns
      • Comfortable shoes for walking
      • Students may tastefully decorate mortar boards (This is not usually allowed, but these kids deserve something!!!)
    • Students arrive and using social distancing move to Commons for refreshments
    • Limit of two students at a time on elevator/Students may use stairways from garage






    Move to Commons

    Depart for Program


    Creative Writing (19)





    Dance (29)






    (48: 15B  4J  9M 17O 3P)




    Theatre (27)




    Visual Arts (33)





    Vocal (29)





    After the ceremony we will walk seniors back to HSPVA to have dessert and distribute senior packets.  They will then leave for home.  It does not seem possible for diplomas and art area certificates to be ready by June 5th, so we will arrange for a drive through distribution once those are at school.



    A reminder that the virtual graduation will be available on June 14th at 1:00 pm.  More details to follow about that.


    A follow up on Yearbooks: Balfour publishes our yearbook and everything was submitted for this year’s edition before COVID-19 shut things down. They have just reopened and are working on yearbooks for high schools throughout the country. We know that they will not arrive before the middle of June, but they will arrive. We will have a plan for distributing those to students once they get to campus.


    That was a lot!  Please review all the information and let me know if you have questions.  I cannot wait to see your senior from a distance on Friday!







    Scott Allen, Ed.D.


    Kinder HSPVA