• This waiver is intended for use by students whose GPAs are impacted negatively by earning an A in an unweighted (non-AP, non-PreAP) course, i.e. those students with above a 4.0 cumulative GPA.


    • Students in the classes of 2022 and 2023 may choose ELECTIVE* credits to be converted to Pass/Fail, thus having no impact on GPA. 


    • A student must request the Pass/Fail Waiver for the course  early in the semester during which the course is taken. For Fall 2020, that deadline is Sunday November 1st at 11:59pm.


    • Once requested, the Pass/Fail request cannot be retracted. Do not request this waiver if you are unsure whether a grade will negatively impact your GPA.


    • According to policy, the Pass/Fail status applies only if a numerical average of 85 or higher is earned for the semester (including midterm or final exam grade). Otherwise the Pass/Fail status is void, and the numerical grade will stand. In this case the voided Pass/Fail declaration will not count against the limit of 4.


    • Each student may receive up to 4 half-credit Pass/Fail waivers throughout high school. It is most advantageous to use these by spring of the junior year.


    • ELECTIVE refers to any course not required for FHSP-DLA graduation (what we normally do at Kinder HSPVA). This includes any Art Area class , Psychology, Yearbook, and any Academic class beyond graduation requirements, such as 3rd year Spanish or French, 5th Science, 5th Math, or 5th Social Studies. Health and PE are NOT elective courses.


    • If you need guidance as to whether this Pass/Fail option would be of benefit to you, your Math teachers are a great resource. Alternatively, you may schedule an appointment with me to discuss the advantages and disadvantages.



    Students in the classes of 2022 and 2023 will receive notification of their September 4, 2020 GPA during the weeks prior to the November 1st Pass/Fail request deadline. Please be patient, as this is quite a process to individually notify 400 students.




    CLICK HERE for the Pass/Fail Request form