• Mrs. Landry's Tips on how to apply for scholarships 

    Create a sustainable system to apply to multiple scholarships


    Get Organized

    • Create a digital file for scholarships


    • Gather your materials into that file
      • Resume
      • Essays from college apps
      • Transcrips
        • unoffical copy- see Mrs. Landry
        • Official copy contact Mr. McCommis


    • Contact your recommenders from your college apps and ask if they would tweak letters for scholarships





    • When you find one to apply to, Copy and paste the information into a Word or Google Doc.


    • Make a quick list of what the application requires – place at the top of the document
      • Essay?
      • Transcript? 
      • Letter of Rec?
      • How to submit – online/hardcopy/in one package?


    • Save that file with the Due Date and scholarship name into your Scholarship file. 
    • Labeling with due date first will automatically keep them in order!



    Chip away at the application in stages – not all at once. 


    • Keep in mind, these scholarships are basically organizations wanting to invest in you and your future.  When completing the application, keep that in mind and show why you are the best candidate for that financial investment.


    • Request official transcripts and letters of rec AT LEAST 10 business days before submission


    • Submit, submit, submit!  No amount is too small :)