• AP Macro is a fast-paced college-level course that focuses how we make the best possible choices in a world of scarcity.  We will examine decision making from the P.O.V. of individuals, businesses, and the government. Students will study a variety of economic theories and analyze their practical application in the real world. During this semester course we will focus on the economy as a whole, including economic measures, economic growth, fiscal policy, monetary policy, and international economics.

    Nine Principles of Economic Thinking:

    1. Everything has a cost.
    2. People choose for good reasons.
    3. Incentives matter.
    4. Economic actions carry secondary effects.
    5. People gain from voluntary trade.
    6. Economic thinking is marginal thinking.
    7. The price of a good or service is affected by people’s choices.
    8. People create economic systems to influence choices and incentives.
    9. The test of a theory is its ability to predict.

     Taking this course will help you build the skills you need to be successful in college and potentially allow you to earn 3 hours of university credit. The math in this course is easy—it’s math you could do before you got to high school—however, you must develop fluency in the course concepts so that you understand what math to do. The ability to analyze graphs and charts will be essential to your success.

     Teacher Availability: I am available during lunch and by appointment for tutorials – check the weekly lunch schedule on my door for tutorials and re-takes. Students and parents should use email to contact me: charlotte.haney@houstonisd.org --messages in TEAMS or the Hub may be overlooked. Students should also regularly check the HUB / itslearning for announcements.

    Course Objectives

    1. Students will be able to apply ECONOMIC ANALYSIS to a variety of real-world situations to improve their personal and civic decision-making skills.
    2. Students will prepare for their future educational and career goals by meeting COLLEGE-LEVEL EXPECTATIONS and practicing these skills for life-long success.
    3. Students will develop a sense of community and MAKE their senior year their best year of high school.



    • Textbook: Macroeconomics, by Paul Krugman and Robin Wells. New York, NY: Worth Publishers. 2015.
    • Additional resources are located in the HuB in the Unit Folders.


    Additional Supplemental Resources

    • It is strongly suggested that you purchase 5 Steps to a 5 AP Macroeconomics by Eric R. Dodge, Ph.D. ISBN-13: 978-1260467024 and use it to keep your knowledge of the course sharp for the AP exam.