• As teachers, we know that letters of reccomendation act as the gatekeepers to student opporunities; so we realize that writing letters is part of the responsibilities of our positions.  I know that for a lot of you, asking for a letter of recommendation is a very difficult thing to do; if you ask, I am going to take your request seriously.  Remember, that you want to choose recommenders who are familiar with the quality of your recent work.  If I agree to write for you, I will make every effort to provide you with a strong letter.  I do recieve a large number of requests, so the more you can help me differentiate you, the better. NOTE: Request must be made at least two weeks prior to the deadline.

    If you request a letter and I agree to write for you, please follow up with an email to charlotte.haney@houstonisd.org that includes the following:

    1) the program for which I am writing and their deadline (if this is a college app, I will submit through Naviance)

    2) If you are a Senior, I need your brag sheet and C.V./resume

    3) All students should include a description of an obstacle they faced and how they overcame it.  Colleges want to know that you have grit, so that is a focus of my letters and good stories make for strong letters.

    GOOD LUCK and Bon Courage!

    Dr. Haney