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    If you aren’t receiving emails from school (including the update sent on Friday, March 20) please email Kim Hines at with your students name, student ID and email you would like added.  





    PVA Update:  Friday, March 27, 2020


    Kinder HSPVA Parents, Students, and Families,

    As we continue this unprecedented journey with COVID-19, I hope that you continue to be healthy and safe. I will again ask that you let me know if that is not the case with you or your student. If there is anything that we, as a school, can do to support you during in this time, please shoot me an e-mail. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with our leaders, our students, and families. I miss their faces and their art throughout the halls and rooms of Kinder HSPVA. Everything in this e-mail is also in PDF form for you: PDF of Next Steps E-mail 


    There is a LOT of information about our next steps in virtual teaching and learning. Please read carefully and let us know if you have questions. Thankfully, by using our time during spring break, we have been able to learn from other schools across the nation and have crafted a plan that aims to make this transition clear and smooth for all. Online instruction will officially roll out on Tuesday, March 31. Remember that March 30 is Cesar Chavez Day, an HISD holiday. Your student should have logged on the HUB this week and been given one assignment for each course to complete. Students should have also logged into their HISD e-mail account this week. Documents to support accessing the HUB and student HISD e-mail (Outlook) are posted on our school website (  If you have learned that your student needs to check out a PowerUp laptop or replace a non-working PowerUp laptop, please contact Mrs. Patel immediately at  


    While online instruction cannot fully replace the experience of in-person interaction between student and teacher, our hope is to provide a stable and familiar learning environment where your students can thrive as they continue their learning in an online format. To accomplish this, we will move learning to the HUB which will include independent work, online support, and optional face-to-face virtual meetings/gatherings. We believe these online learning formats can best be used to complement a dynamic learning environment that will best support your student during this time. HSPVA teachers have a schedule of availability for instructional support (see below) but are not requiring students to attend ANY live meetings. Again, HSPVA teachers are not requiring ANY live meetings or ANY set times for students to be at a computer. In some homes, it may be impossible as there may be obstacles: kids may be sharing computers, bandwidth, college siblings back in the house, parents working from home, etc.  READ MORE

Welcome to Kinder HSPVA

  • Dr. Allen Robert S. AllenPrincipal

    Phone: (713) 942-1960 


    As principal, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to our website for Kinder High School for the Performing and Visual Arts (HSPVA).


    We are in our 49th year of excellence in the arts and academics at HSPVA! We continue to celebrate what makes us one of the nation's most prestigious high schools: our proud heritage, dedicated staff, successful alumni, supportive parents, and, most importantly, our gifted and talented students. This school year brings even more excitement than usual as we enter our first full year in our state of the art five-story building in downtown Houston, only blocks from the prestigious Theatre District! The design and construction journeys were amazing as we worked with architects from Gensler and our contractors from McCarthy Building Companies.  Watching our student settle in and raise the level of art and performance in the new spaces was inspiring this spring.  I know that will continue this school year! Read More.

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