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Love Elementary School

A Tradition of Excellence Since 1926

Principal's Message

Robert Chavarria Dear Parents,

My name is Robert Chavarria and I have the honor of being the principal at Love Elementary. We know you have a choice in where you send your students to school and we are deeply honored that you have chosen to make Love Elementary your school.

At Love Elementary we have three pillars that serve as the foundation of the learning environment at the campus. The first pillar is that of safety. When you send you children to school, you want to be assured that your child will be supervised and safe throughout the school day. The structures in place for drop-off and picking up students, along with our 30 security cameras, allows us to monitor and assure the safety of your children.

The second pillar is one of providing a rigorous curriculum. The district curriculum provides the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) that all teachers are required to follow. The school is committed to meeting the needs of the learners. Our goal is is assure growth for all students and have them at or above grade levels in all the academic areas. We also understand that students have strengths in certain subjects, and may not be as strong in others. Our commitment is to differentiate the learning for all students thereby helping them progress, wether they be high, medium, or low in the content areas.

The third pillar is that of having a school where your chid enjoys attending. We thoroughly believe that test scores are extremely important in evaluating the progress of your child. Our belief is that important learning also comes through the participating in campus projects, service projects, and fine arts opportunities. At Love activities such as the Parade of characters, 100th day parade, Early Act First Knight - Character Education Program, robotics, choir, and music ensemble are some of the few opportunities for students to enjoy and enhance their learning.

At Love Elementary we promise that every student will be college and career ready. We believe that it is our hard work and dedication that sets the tone for success. Our belief is that we are not just doing a job here, but we are building a future. The foundation of a successful future for your children is a commitment we accept and will work diligently to accomplish.

Thank you again for making Love Elementary your school of choice.


Robert Chavarria, Principal
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