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Language Arts (Reading/Writing/Listening/Speaking)

  • 100% letter/sound fluency
  • Recognize and Respond to Story Elements (character, setting, sequencing, etc.)
  • Read and comprehend stories and answer questions
  • Recognize 75  High Frequency Words
  • Read 40 words per minute or more
  • Write correct simple sentences
  • Write upper and lower case letters
  • Summarize (retell) a short story
  • Oral interpretation of pictorial sequencing
  • Capitalization and punctuation


  • Rote count to 100
  • Count, create and represent groups up to 20
  • Identify, extend, and create patterns
  • Measure, Estimate and Compare objects (length, capacity and area)
  • Tell time to the hour 
  • Identify coins and their value
  • Interpret and discuss data in real or pictorial graphs 
  • Identify halves, thirds, and fourths
  • Calendar (days, month, year, daily date)
  • Identifying and apply math in daily activities
  • Daily problem solving


  • Safety rules and procedures (Best Practices)
  • Instruments and tools
  • Increase Science vocabulary
  • Acquire science skills like investigation and inquiry
  • Generate own ideas through Science experiences.
  • Understanding the relevance of science in their daily world.
  • Identify parts of plants and animals their needs, ecosystems

Social Studies

  • Rules, laws, civic responsibilities and routines.
  • Home, family, community, and school
  • National symbols, celebrations and historical figures
  • State symbols, celebrations and historical figures
  • Geography – identify and interpret maps, keys, and physical landforms.


  • Develop English phonics
  • Recognize High Frequency Words (HFW) in English
  • Comprehend teacher instructions in English
  • Comprehend discuss short stories in English
  • Develop conversational English by participating in small and large group discussions.

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