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Benbrook Elementary

Prepare Leaders to Aim High, Hold the Vision, and Achieve Greatness


First Name Last Name Email Title/Assignment
Dana Darden ddarden@houstonisd.org Principal, Elementary School
Lucille Brooks lbrooks4@houstonisd.org Crossing Guard
Claudia Buitrago cbuitra1@houstonisd.org Teacher, Bilingual
Carolyn Campbell-Collins ccollin2@houstonisd.org Teacher, Specialist 11M
Evangeline Campos ecampos@houstonisd.org Teacher, Specialist 11M
Jana Cole jcole@houstonisd.org Teacher, Special Ed Resource
Dayesha Dunham ddunham@houstonisd.org Teacher, Second Grade
Omar Escobar Torres oescoba2@houstonisd.org Teacher, Bilingual 1st Grade
Astrid Escorcia aescorci@houstonisd.org Teacher, Kindergarten
Maria Monica Flores mflore12@houstonisd.org Teacher, Bilingual 2nd Grade
Aimee Garcia agarci66@houstonisd.org Teacher, Bilingual Pre-Kindergarten
Maria Giovannetti mgiovann@houstonisd.org Teacher, Bilingual
Violet Gollapalli vgollap1@houstonisd.org Teacher, ESL 4th Grade
Judy Gonzales jgonza49@houstonisd.org Crossing Guard
Marcos Grajales mgrajale@houstonisd.org Teacher, Bilingual 2nd Grade
Daiveda Graves dgraves1@houstonisd.org Teaching Assistant-10M
Michelle Greene mgreene@houstonisd.org Teacher, Third Grade
Erica Guerrero eguerre4@houstonisd.org Teacher, Third Grade
Irma Guevara iguevara@houstonisd.org Teacher, Bilingual 3rd
Alma Hernandez-Fryer aherna44@houstonisd.org Teacher, Bilingual 1st
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