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Benbrook Elementary

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Shared Decision Making Committee
  • S D M C   C O M M I T T E E

    Dana Darden, Principal

    Michelle Greene, Teacher

    Elaine Reed, Teacher

    Claudia Buitrago, Teacher

    Evangeline Campos, Teacher Specialist

    Juan Vizcarra, Teacher

    Jana Cole, Special Ed. Teacher

    Daniel Torres, Administrative Assistant

Benbrook Elementary School SDMC Monthly Meetings  2017-2018

Dates Time Location
 October 31, 2017 3:15 - 4:30Conference Room
 January 11, 2018  3:15 - 4:30  Conference Room
 February 8, 2018  3:15 - 4:30  Conference Room
 March 8, 2018  3:15 - 4:30  Conference Room
 April 5, 2018  3:15 - 4:30  Conference Room
 May 3, 2018  3:15 - 4:30  Conference Room
The Benbrook Elementary Shared Decision Making Committee is designed to establish, monitor, and evaluate goals for budgeting, staffing, curriculum, planning, school organization, staffing patterns, and staff development. This model is aligned to state legislation and HISD board policy. The intention of the SDMC is to pull together our community in a constructive, organized, and unified body to enhance the education of all students.

SDMC representatives are elected by the faculty and parents are elected by the PTO membership. It meets monthly and/or as needed to discuss issues brought forth by the administration, staff, parents, or community.

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