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Sept. 15, 2014

Principal’s Place

Sometimes we get overwhelmed with data these days in public education. Late last week I was cleaning out files on my desktop and noticed an Excel file with all of the elementary schools in Texas ranked by performance by Children at Risk. I downloaded the file in mid-May and really hadn’t looked at it since. I thought you might find this interesting. Out of 4,359 elementary schools in Texas, we were ranked #14. That’s the top 0.3% of schools in the state. Wow! Following is our state ranking going back a few years: 

Year Rank 

2014- 14 

2013 - 28 

2012 - 18 

2011 - 33 

2010 - 34 

We are never satisfied until we are #1. I always tell the teachers, “The price to stay at the top is equal to or greater than the price to get there in the first place.” We are constantly striving to improve in order for our children to have the best education possible. 

Have a superior week! 

John Threet, Principal 

PTO President’s Column

 It is hard to believe we are half way through the month of September. October will be a busy month at West U. Please refer to our PTO website to check our calendar: You can also sign up for the PTO West U Email. Click on the logo picture on the right-hand side of the page that looks like this one to sign up: 

Have a great week! Magnetized to WUES, 
Elizabeth Karkowsky
WUES PTO President 2014-2015



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