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Today is Texas Independence Day. One day before, on March 1, 1836, The Convention of 1836 convened at Washington-On-The Brazos. Due to the urgency of the matter, with the Alamo under siege, a committee of five of the fifty-nine delegates met and drafted The Unanimous Declaration of Independence. The final was document was approved and signed the next day on March 2. You can read the text of the Texas Declaration of Independence at:

Have a liberating week!

John T. Threet, Principal

PTO President

What great rodeo attire and spirit we had last Friday. I'm proud to be a Houstonian and a Texan as our city kicks off and hosts the largest rodeo in the world.

I hope to see everyone at our PTO meeting on Tuesday, March 10 at 8:00 a.m. in the MPR.

I would like to recognize and thank our PTO room parent organization for their coordination, effective communication and dedication this year. As you are probably aware, these volunteers are busy and committed the entire school year supporting our classrooms and class/grade level events and programs.

Thank you: VP of Room Reps Michele Carlin and our Grade Level Reps: Karen Yeager, Jennifer Vallone, Jamie Broach, Dee Dee Gilder, Janet Neumann and Laura Torgerson.

I would also like to thank all our fabulous room parents: Aaryn Silva, Allison Cozart, Allyson Kopel, Ame Wolf, Ami Bradley, Amy Behan, Amy Sahely, Ana Scafidi, Annie Ginzel, Becky Tackett, Bella Maioriello, Beth Lane, Betsy Hirshfeld, Blair Manley, BriAnne Dillard, Candice Hicks, Cara Michael, Charity Poage, Christine Izzo, Cindy Burnett, Courtney Adams, Courtney Archer, Courtney Tsao, Courtney Voelte, Cristina Hernandez, Debbie Crow, Elizabeth Mooney, Gail Jackson, Heather Baird, Heather Kubiak, Heidi Wilkinson, Holly Jordan, Isabel Garcia, Jamie Broach, Jana Fleming, JC Al-Uqdah, Jennifer Blum, Jennifer Brenckmann, Jennifer Dellinger, Jennifer Grewal, Julie Jenkins, Kara Berry, Kara Schaefer, Kellie Cutsinger, Kelly Butler, Kourtney Coffman, Kristen Flores, Kristen Leach, Kristine Martinez, Laran Harris, Linette Courtney, Lisa Hardee, Lisa Sharp, Lori Naughton, Lori Yi, Mandy Robbins, Marie-Chantal Labrie, Melinda Mogus, Melinda Dawes, Melisa Richardson, Michael Dinius, Nancy Attra, Nancy Barrnett, Olivia Benitez, Pallavi Dinesh, Pam Packer, Patty Kallmeyer, Rahillo Shatto, Samantha Welsh, Sara Edgecomb, Sarah McKenney, Sheila Neylon, Stacey Grecian, Stephanie Kuzinski, Susan Swiger, Suzanne Rose, Suzanne Song, Tara Burt, Zephanie Reed.
Visit for updates and calendar. Please email if you have comments or questions.

Magnetized to West U,

Elizabeth Karkowsky 
WUES PTO President 2014-2015 

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