• Remember that this is YOUR library. We want you to feel welcome and comfortable; however, we still have some guidelines that we all must adhere to.  
    Check Out Policies
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     For students:
    • To check out an ebook, you need to log in to your account.
    • Once you check out an ebook, you have 14 days until the ebook is returned automatically (won't show up in your account)     
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     Check out policy:
    • There is no limit to the number of books that students can borrow. Students are encouraged to check out as many books as they can read within a two week period. 
    • Books are checked out for two weeks; students must return or renew books before they are due.
    • There is no limit to the number of books and materials teachers may check out (depending on availability)
    • Please see library staff (front desk) to check out books. Please check out all materials before you take them out of the library. You MUST have your ID to check out books.


    To return books:

    • Simply return books to the front desk.
    • If you need more time, go to the front desk and request to have your books renewed. You will need your ID.
    Library Use:
    • For teachers: If you want to reserve the library for orientation, class book check outs, research or other projects, and  meetings, please see or email the librarian, Mrs. Verdin rverdin@houstonisd.org 
    • To view library availability online, please visit the Library Calendar. The online library calendar has an updated list of classes/teachers scheduled to visit the library.
    • Students going to the library MUST have a library pass/permit and an ID - this includes office workers. Only students with permits and IDs are allowed in the library during school hours. Your teacher must write your name, date, time and sign your pass.
    • Depending on how many students/classes/clubs are in the library, we might limit the number of students in the library. Once we reach our maximum occupancy, you might not be able to come in the library. This is also true for lunch period.
    • Students who have Off campus passes MUST be off campus. If a student want to come to the library during their Off Campus period, they MUST have their off campus pass, ID, be in uniform and have an assignment to work on. 
    • Cell phones can be used as educational tools - do not use them just for social media or texting. Students may NOT use phones during the school day. You may use your cell phone in the library, during lunch or when part of a class activity. If use of a device is disturbing other students or staff, students will be asked to put them away or use their device outside of the library. 
    Computer Use Rules
    • Please follow Acceptable Use Policy and observe Appropriate Online Behavior.
    • Printing is FREE as long as it is for school work. 
    • Do not print web pages; copy and paste on to a word document (because we love trees and the environment!)
    • Drink only in the cafe or designated area. Please clean up after yourselves. 
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