• What is research?
    Research is the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.
    In simple terms, research is a process of investigation where a subject is examined from different points of view.
    Research is NOT just going to the library to get a bunch of books. It is NOT getting the first 10 results from an internet seach.
    When you do research, you read about a subject so that you learn and play with ideas.
    What is the Big 6?
    Big6 is a six-stage Information and technology literacy model designed to teach the research process created by Mike Eisenberg and Robert Berkowitz.
    This process could be applied to personal as well as educational goals. It can be used to enhance problem solving and decision making skills as well as how to find credible sources of information and effective use. IIM is used  to guide students through the research process.
    To learn more about theBig 6, click here. 
    What is the IIM Research Method?
    The Independent Investigation Method (IIM) consists of seven successive steps that culminate in completed research project. The process is repeatable and applicable across a school's full range of subjects.  It gives teachers the tools to teach and monitor essential skills, meet state standards, encourage critical thinking and prevent plagiarism.
    To learn more about IIM, click here.  

     Why can't I just use Google?
    Everyone loves Google!
    It is a great place to start looking for information; however, when you are doing school work, you are encouraged to use your Online Resources!
    Anyone can publish anything on the internet (I just did!). So it is important to know if the website is a god source of information.  To do this, you must evaluate the source and the information. 
    Do you have time to do this? Even the most savvy internet users sometimes cannot tell if a website is trustworthy.  So you can avoid all the worrying, just begin with the library webpage because you k now that your librarian won't link to something that is not credible!
    Now if you insist on using information you get from your internet search, by all means , go ahead! But make sure you evaluate it!



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